My Hermie what else can I do with it

I added a photo

Is there something else I can do so its not totally wasted.

From those pics it looks like it’s straight male.


Yes I agree. All male. Timber

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Is that right Bobby, Im somewhat new Thank you but still wondering if there is anything I could do with it

Unless you’re looking harvest pollen for future breeding, it’s useless.

You can compost him, use the leaves for juice or smoothies, or many other amazing things we can do with them! Every part of this plant, including roots, is edible.

There’s also the hemp. Many different things you can use that for.

Or like @BobbyDigital said. You can use the pollen for breeding purposes.

Can I at least use it for cooking?

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Yes you can. The entire plant is edible. Although, cannabis is more nutritious is its eaten raw. I like to blend a few leaves in smoothies.

You just wont have any affects from it