My girls any good?

Hi I’ve just recently pruned my girls 2 look ok but the other 2 seem stressed and curling the leaves. Can anyone help

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Most likely over watering. I just dealt with the same thing. I got a few consecutive days of rain.

Thank you. I did water them straight after I pruned, and now have left them for the last two days.
It did also get down to about 9c one night so brought them in the next day as weather was dull and cold. Today they went back into the greenhouse. Temp about 24c right now inside the greenhouse but intermittent sunlight.

I’m new to all this as well

Dont know what strain these girls are, any way of telling?

Yeah…its cannabis. Identified…:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

And no…you won’t identify the strain because there is thousands of strains.

I think it’s weed.


How loose is the soil? If you have air pockets in their it can cause air pruning that you don’t want until it maximizes the pot. You want it firm but not overpacked too tight. Have you fed them recently or did you preload the soil you transplanted with? Looks fine really it could just be the stress of the transplant and will bounce back

That gif reminds me of mom and myself taking tokes off her bong. :joy::joy::joy:


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