My Girl Scout Cookies Extreme plants look different

A question of a fellow grower:
I purchased 2 orders of gsc extreme and the second order I dont know what it is but it’s some kind of sativa strain because it looks nothing like what I ordered the first order If you can help me figure out what to do I would greatly appreciate it I would like to have more gsc extreme but also want to know what I’m working with as far as my second purchase The attached photo is all supposed to be gsc extreme but there are two that are totally different and I dont know what they are but they look like a sativa strain rather that a indica If you can please guide me to what I need to do next Thank you I greatly appreciate it.

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GSC is a 80/20 indica dom, but mabye its just the sativa genes coming out. I am doing GSC at the moment and altho u can see the indica dom, the sativa looks r still there. Mine look similar to yours. I wouldnt worry much, just a different batch of seeds most likely.
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Almost all the current strains are hybrids. As such…sometimes there will be a “divergence” of the planned growth. Still potent but appearance will be diff.
No big deal. It’s a common situation.