My first marijuana grow box questions

A question from a fellow grower:

I'm designing and building my first grow box which needs to be relatively short (~3'), I just want to start with 5 plants for the first run, I want to try fluorescents first, whats your opinion on yellow red bulbs for flowering? have you heard of anyone having success with them? There are phillips yellow bulbs that say they emit around 2200k light granted its only 34W and I cant find it now but only ~1300ish lumens, the other more readily available bulbs I could use are 3000k are they warm enough for flowering? I'm thinking about a 4 bulb t5 setup, are there other options for flowering lighting with that?

I’m just starting a grow in a 2’ x 2’ closet space. I bought a Pro Grow LED, and I am convinced it is going to work well in that small area. And the price is quite reasonable compared to HID. I think it draws 20 % of the electricity that a compareable HID does. If it isn’t legal to grow where you are, you can be sure there is some marginaslly intelligent person with a badge and handcuffs pouring over electric bills (or, more likely, an algorithm searching databases). 'Nuf said.
It is clear science that, up to a certain point, more light (i.e. more energy) is going to result in more bud weight. You simply must buy a LED, HID or HPS system if you expect to have a decent shot at having a bountiful harvest. My two cents…

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It used to be when using incandescent or florescent lights for growing indoors, the problem was the plants would most often get sick because of not getting enough light from the blue end of the spectrum. You’ll notice most “professional” florescent plant lights come with a 6500k light. You can flower under these lights with out any problems. If you want to add more red light for flowering add a couple of 2200K, 2700K, or 3000K bulbs. But especially when building a florescent light set up with bulbs bought of the shelf of a local hardware store that were not necessarily intended for plants, I would always have at least one “full spectrum” rated 6500K or 5500K bulb.

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Hello how should I top this or should I wait it’s 6 weeks old