My first grow journal! New Grower 2nd attempt 3 Northern Lights and 2 GoldLeaf 1:1 all AUTOS

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Seeds soaking since last night… the Fox Farm Ocean Forrest has arrived…
Here is my set up…
indoor/my living room/ Grow tent 3x3x6
4 in inline fan with carbon filter and exhaust
qty: 5 5 gallon fabric pots
LED lights * when testing all equipment for the grow I discovered that one of my 600W Willis lights was not working… this is a new light that I planned on adding to this grow. The Veg light would not turn on so I ordered a new light.
Just arrived! It’s a Roleadro Grow Light Full Spectrum 1000 W light. I also still have one working Willis 600W as well. Considering using both for this grow-
Soil- Ocean Forest. I will mix it with Perlite 25% This is my first time mixing my own soil as I used Pot for Pot for my first grow. I’m very nervous that I will get this wrong! I have read that I need to mix a starter soil with it as well and potting soil… will update when I have a formula - currently in information overload. Thought I had a grasp but then read many users consider the mix too hot for seedlings… so cramming and learning as much as I can before the tap root appears!

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i grow my autos straight in ocean forest, i scoop out a hand full where i put my seed and fill it with seed starting potting soil

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Do you think i could use this? I have it laying around…

yes, that is actually what i use

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Awesome! I was concerned that it had the coco coir- thanks so much for taking the time to share! Stay safe! :pray:

you need to pick you up a clip on fan ( cheap at home depot or lowes) to blow on your plants when they get a couple of weeks old

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Yes! I do have a small fan but forgot to mention in set up that I am pricing out a few clip on fans to replace the one I had hanging - I know it will be A little crowded in there with 5

I’m down to watch the grow if that cool. Im also a newbie collecting my stuff for my first grow and grow journal. Welcome and good luck! Can’t wait to see the results!

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Welcome along! So happy to have the company! Lets learn!!

@Druiddescent what point are you at in collecting your stuff, to me the light is the most important part

Make sure you zip tie the fan to something in the tent so it doesn’t fall.


there’s alot of great people in here to help y’all ( and me) along, best to ask questions of concern

Everything but soil will be here within the next week. I have a ipower 32x32x63(inches) tent and a mars hydro 600w(equivalent) full spectrum. Coming in are my ppm and ph testing supplies, ph up and down, fox farms cultivation nation 2 part soluble nutrients, ac infinity s4 ven fan, hygro carbon filter, temp and humidity gage, rtc

ok sounds like your off to a good start

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I will be doing only 1 at a time until I get comfortable. Oh and I already have my seeds. Autos, 5 white widow and 10 blueberry

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what kind of soil are you going to use, i buy my fox farm ocean forest and happy frog ( use happy frog on photos) at ace hardware or coop for half the price of online

I will be using a mix 40/40/20 of ocean forest happy frog and perlite

So I love the idea of cutting the soil- any ideas on a good substitute for happy frog? I need to prep the soil this weekend- and it wont arrive soon enough… are you mixing to take some heat off?

Yes plus the happy frog has the microbes for the roots. But this will be my first so we will see how it works. Kinda the best of both worlds I guess lol

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