My first grow. Girl scout Cookie extreme

I noticed these journals get alot of feedback, so I decided to start one and hopefully get some good tips!

I started these GSCE from seed, started germinating dec 25th and broke through the soil about Jan 1st.

This is a week from germination.


I hope you have a big tent. These girls can get very big. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some information I forgot to give:
Fox farm ocean soil (even for seedlings)
Air cooled:600 MH for veg/600 HPS for flowering
No notes until “about” 6 weeks into flower? Then I will use GH bloom and botainicare cal-mag

Day after Transplanting into 5 gallon buckets.

The day I stopped the two left plants


Haha yeahh :man_facepalming: newbie mistake for sure

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@Eagergrower…this is my first attempt at RDWC. I’m also growing GSCX. As @MrPeat said hope you have a big tent! I’ll tag you into my grow journal. Good luck, they look great!


This was my GSC Beast from a top view of a 4x4 tent.

I couldn’t imagine 5 at the same time.

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@MrPeat…how about 12?

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I’ll take a hard pass on that. Most plants I’ve had is 8. And 6 of those was killed off by my WW. This was my very first grow. I don’t want to grow more than 2 at a time. Because the way I grow I’d have to do 1 Photo and 1 Auto. My plants are massive indoors.

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Lookin good @Eagergrower, tag this way to please @Grundo, I was thinking GSCX next grow.

@Enlightened420…what would you like to know? It’s my first run and they look good but I’m waiting for some nugs to appear. They’ve been relatively easy the whole way other than they grow like weeds!:sunglasses:


Honestly, I like to absorb as many Journals as possible, I learn whatever knowledge and wisdom I can from each one and integrate what works for me. I’m a noob grower and haven’t grown since I was a teenager.


Follow along on my journal. I’ll tag ya if your not already. I have plenty to learn myself. Great place to learn, that’s for sure!

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Don’t worry, I found it.

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Sorry for highjacking your thread @Eagergrower, you have my sincere apologies.

Good looking plants you got there, hope you have plenty of room for them.

@Eagergrower could you tell us a little more about your grow. Size of the room, ventilation, co2?, Scrog? Any training plans?
And did you say no nutes until week 6 of flower?

Nice-looking healthy plants. Good luck with your grow.

I’ll have a better journal for my next crop. I plan on a serious journal since the goal is to grow a massive sized plant. :+1:

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@Grundo @Enlightened420 @AfgVet @MD_Herbology. Always looking for tips and pointers if yall got any !

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Send some pics…your last pics they looked great!