My first grow and journal

I’m new to the growing game but I’ve known how to heat buds up for many years. I’ve been growing for about 23 days now and thought I should track the progress and maybe hear some opinions from a some cool people.

This is what the little girl looked like June 2 when I first put it in the container. And I know I probably put it in there a bit too soon. Who knows

Things are going great at this point. Fast forward 9 days later and it’s time for its first round of nutrients. June 11 this is what the lady looks like right after the reservoir change Uploading: 17164179-02E3-4057-89AF-9B5EA60272F5.jpeg…

I wish I took more picture during this this grow but I’ve been very busy with work and other things going on.

Fast forward again to the 17th and I topped little buddy. Or femed her we’ll see. I didn’t take any pics of that.

A couple days forward and this is her in the 19th of June

That’s after her 2nd water change and it was looking good. But then we got to today and like I said I’m a green horn and don’t know much about this. My leaves look strange and have like tiny little holes in them. They look kinda stressed out. Check it

Any comments or 2cents on any of this would be great. You don’t have to be a hydro guy either just drop in and comment it up. I’d love to be apart of this awesome community and get to know and chum it up with everyone.


Welcome to the forum , I’m not a hydro guy but it looks like a good start. I think @peachfuzz would be more help on your setup.


Pretty sure dbrn32 already commented on your other post about this.

Hey there skorpion it’s great you commented on my post because your journal is one that inspired me to upload here so I’m very honored :call_me_hand: I did start another post first that I believe they comented on that’s mainly about the issue I’m experiencing. Looking forward to the ride and I’ll be updating all the time. :v:

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Thanks man, I looking forward to seeing your adventure unfold.

So I topped the lady about a week ago maybe a day or two less. Does this look like normal growth to anyone? Did I fem or something?

Thanks! And here some candy land for the night to smoke on


So I had to do a nutrient change two days early due so what I suspect is nutrient burn. image image image

I’ve been following the advanced nutrients guide. But adjusting a little. I decided to half what I was doing and see how that goes this week.

I bent her over a little bit more with some LST as well image

And finally I just want to show of her roots because I believe those are doing just great

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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You’re correct, but with hydro, it’s quickly fixed! Nice growing!


Thanks and I hope you’re having a great day! :metal::call_me_hand:


Going to be upgrading the 5gal dwc to a two bucket rdwc type system. Pictures to come today or tomorrow. Should I do a how to separate?

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From Tuesday to Friday

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Omg, how would you separate those roots like that to be able to transplant it into a bigger pot?? I’m no hydro man, that looks scary to me…be gentle with her roots.

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Will do. It’s in a net pot so it’ll be as easy as lifinting up and putting right in the new bucket. I’ll have pictures either tonight or tomorrow. Getting stoked. Looks kinda kool too.

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Didn’t get a chance to build the system yet but that’s coming tomorrow or Wednesday hopefully. Here’s just a simple update.

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Man defoliating and LST is pretty scary when you don’t have a clue if you’re doing it right. The girls looking kinda bushy and I got her new two bucket dwc system in place. And holy shit those roots though?!?!

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The system

That’s what happens when you Hydro. Looking good. @DwcGuy roots galore.

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@Draco1 yeah man it’s a very beautiful site to see!

Did some light defoliation in the tent today. It’s kinda scary chopping up baby girl like that

She will survive and love you for it and even prove it by producing more. @DwcGuy

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