My attempt at an under current system


Posted this on a few dead forums but this one looks lively so I’ll add the past few weeks in a row of the main plant while getting the kinks out the system. So far so good. 4-5 weeks into veg


Welcome to the forum @PharmerBob this is a lively place. You will find many experienced growers here and we all want you to succeed. I do not grow hydro, yet, but have plans to kick some off this winter. In my research it has been recommended that buckets that do not let light in be used as the roots do not like the light. I’m sure a hydro grower will be by with more insight soon.


Nice setup welcome

I have saw those drip rings online but never seen anyone use them. How do you like them? Is there a bunch of tiny holes like a shower would have or is it a more steady flow? :metal::metal: I hope you stay around this forum to grow!! It looks like you have a good idea and would love to see how it works out.
There are a ton of great, active people every day here. Hope you feel the same shortly bud!!

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Is the drip ring the only thing that distributes water from the reservoir to the buckets?

If it is then you might consider running a water pump full blast that distributes water to each bucket plus your water pump that runs those drip rings. You don’t wanna run water pump drip rings full blast, you want them to “drip” only and to achieve that you’ll want your water pump turned all the way down to the ring. By running a second “distributor pump and hoses” @ full speed, you’ll effectively increase your “undercurrent speed”. A fast undercurrent can improve all kinds of things.

You may already have all of this @PharmerBob, just such a cool system you have I didn’t want you to overlook anything

Also many people turn the drip ring off once the roots hit the water and if your one of those guys this will keep your system circulating when you do.

U can use them to water ur plants also. They worked great for extended trips in coco

there is 3 hookehooked up to 1 rez


Eflux 1200gph (I think)

No worries I got this, not the 1st grow in this unit just a new forum. Other forums all 3 people have seen the system.

Drip rings work to get roots to water level, after that they are unnecessary. Buckets do let some light in but I counter that will ice cold water which they enjoy. Other than that I’m just sharing to …I can’t lie boast a little… it’s hard work and if you seen my setup when I started (permasand 3 gal buckets set up parallel) I’d be embarrassed


Drip rings are awesome! Takes care of the plants until the roots reach the water level in tanks. Then the current system can take over from there. Got them on amazon for not too bad of a deal plus free fast delivery.

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LOL! Welcome to ILGM. There’s a few more of us here!

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Hell yea I think I’ll move my diy for the setup over also eventually. Has the write up of all parts used


Looks like you grow some nice looking buds

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Thanks it’s genetics and strain really. The pic of the arm size one is chem dawg from bensgenetics, which I prefer since they are tight well stacked buds.

I’ve ran a ton of gorilla glue and variations off of that (blue monkey , gorilla og , zkittlez, gorilla zkittlez and so on) which are fantastic for rosin but grow kinda sparsely.

Right now most of the set ups are just going chem dawg with one running gorilla zkittlez for the rosin.

@Ashleyroachclip this was my last Diy complete build

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Your system is the same as what I ordered but black buckets same lids and buckets

My wife’s selling my old setups :rofl:

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Them are some sweet looking buds!