My Amnesia Haze are like bonsai... is this expected behavior?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"I have a question. The two seedlings of Amnesia Haze I started 12 weeks ago are like bonsai (very small plants). I would say 10% of the size of the Green C seedlings. Is this expected behavior?

I want to get anybody’s opinion on the image I am include below. The image shows two plants (the larger one is GC and the smaller one is the AH). Both of these plants were germinated and planted around 3/1/17. The AH really appears to be a “midget” or “stunted” plant. I believe the AH seeds are somehow genetically inferior (not really as intended by ILGM). At close to 13 weeks the AH is NOT performing. Inputs would be appreciated."

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can we get a close up pic, that little thing looks like it has a few nodes on it, I am curious, no help with your problem, but very curious…

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Most likely too hot of soil nutrient toxicity has shocked her into stall/stunt the only advise I can offer without more details as @garrigan62 requested is to transplant into a seed starting mix and bring her inside under a couple daylight CFL’s think of it as starting a seedling. In a toxic nutrient rich soil roots burn as fast as they grow making growth very slow since plant can’t sustain top growth.
I would also like to appologize for any rude comments made we are a helpful and friendly forum 98% of the time


What a fantastic answer. I wanted to mention; It looks as if the seed may have been started in that large pot…???


And; That is why I hate texting. Rather talk to people than be misunderstood :wink:

all good buddy I sent you my thoughts on the matter I know you are a positive member just sometimes we talk before we think how it may be viewed by others. I figure the message is fair enough warning that we are watching threads for every ones best interest even if you don’t always see a Mod comment :wink:

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