My 420 harvest. Anybody else plan one?

This one is trying to get bud rot and is pretty close so 4/20 it is! :partying_face:
Here she is in all her glory.

These are from different areas on the plant.

4/20 will be just over 8 weeks flowering. Surely someone else has one ready to celebrate with.


Are those close up of buds? Mine will be 8 weeks of veg on 420. I wanted to wait to flip as long as I can. those look like some plumped up ladies!


@HMGRWN That plant looks heavy!!! Short n thick!! Really good trich pics! Well done!!


No harvest. I haven’t had a grow going since I last harvested last November.

So I may start a new plant on 4/20 in celebration.


I have 5 seeds with tap roots so I am going to try to have them break surface on 4:20. I planned one for Veteran’s Day and she sprouted on 11:11:21. She is smoking great. :+1:


I will do this one with ya. What time you doing it . I’ll probably do mine around 830 or 900 AM central time. Let me know we can do them together.

Her trikes

I was going to finish this weekend but I’ll wait. I have done three over the last few days one a day. Here is the one I did today after trim no befores sorry.


WTF. Not sure I could do that. Even if I had to throw away. Ya right my wife would just smoke more. EFing pot head. She does smoke for neuropathy pain . But dang she can put the strongest strains away like nothing.


Nice haul!

Sounds reasonable.
I usually dry as a whole plant but this time I will cut down to the buds due to the chance of rot setting in. Also this is probably the densest buds I have harvested to date. They are not quite the size of a soda can. :pinching_hand:


I had hoped to be ready, but my girls are a few weeks behind – my fault. But, I’m stoked.


I like to wet trim. Have to cut up because they go in a zip up drying rack.


Pic of your zip-up drying rack? I just bought a tent for the sole purpose of drying. Keeping temps down and humidity right will be a challenge for me, I think.

294 grams wet. 165 larfy buds wet not in pics


How many plants for the yield?

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Lets just say I can smoke 1/4 gram of concentrate and be stone cold sober after 30 mins. I have a strain called Purps #1 and she hits pretty hard. Which is funny as 4 adult doses of morphine is just a tickle to me.

This newer strain called Face Mask by G13 Labs seem very promising as they warn you not for novices.


That was one should be about a little over two onces dry i figure. I figure 20%.
Here is the rack with two other plants in it right now.

Dang hard to take those inside pics. Does not do them justice. They are actually about like the one today.


I was hoping for 4/20, but not going to make it. Maybe 5/20.


Hey @DRsDank
I’m not normally a “show boater” but……


Maybe try this.


Nice what size area do you grow in and how much out at a time. I’m doing a short 2x3 and a 80 tall 2x5 always with five plants in each one. Going to cut back to 4 in each five is to much work but cuts veg time for same results.
My grandaddy bruce only had 3 inch buds. 5 plants pound and a half dry and would kick the living shit out of ya.
See how white it is. It really was like that trichomes stacked on trichomes.


Very very sweet!! That’s an amazing compact grow.
I do 4 in a 4x4. I let mine stretch a bit and then lollipop them. I hate to say this but I keep the best, what I use to make butter. Over the past year and a half I’ve been able to fully supply myself Cooking with cannabis takes up a lot :grinning: