My 1st indoor grow. And my story

It’s a funny thing. I have a job that doesn’t allow me to partake :unamused: My wife got cancer and had to under go radiation and was on several meds. Thanks to this “majic flower” she is taking no meds. now and is cancer free. I had to grow outdoors illegally until earlier this year Oklahoma legalized it. Now I’m growing legally and love it. Now on to my setup.
4x8 visosun tent with 2 600par viparspectra lights.
Tent is vented straight out of my second story window.

2 420cfm fans,one incoming ,one outgoing. I have them on a adjustable speed switch on half power.
I use dog kennel floor pans to catch excess water. I have 2 cheery diesel,1 wedding cake and a granddady purple.
I only use half the tent to grow and the other half as storage and elbow room.

So what do you think about the set up?


Welcome to the forum :+1:.
Your lady’s are looking good. Maybe you can lower the lights a lite bit, when you will put them in flower schedule them will get a lot bigger and taller so I hope you have a tall tent :circus_tent:. :+1:


Nice set up. I will say this I grew 1 1/2 years under a Viparspectra PAR600 and it’s not enough. When I switched to the HLG lights, my Vipar’s are retired. I grew 1 plant that gave me 3.32 z’s dry and cured under the Vipar.

My HLG makes my Vipar’s seem extremely bad for really growing a nice haul. I got 8 z’s between the Vipar and switched to HLG. And don’t get me wrong, I did enough growing with a Vipar and enjoyed the results but I knew I needed a better light.


Very nice! Definitely looking great :+1::+1:


Thanx for your replies! The lights set about 18" above right now,looks further in the pictures but I will put them a bit closer and keep an eye on them. Mr. Pete, thanks for your experienced advice. As I said only 1 person smoking this stuff so yield isn’t my main focus. I’m striving for quality. I will research the HLG !!! I haven’t got a full electric bill yet so, Baby steps. Really appreciate the input!


Looks like you have the knack keep it up they look great

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Thanks Wannabe.

Nice exhaust setup looks familiar


Yep,right out in to the wild blue yonder!lol

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Welcome to ILGM, @C8ntlose. Sorry to hear about your wife, but I’m happy that this wonderful plant has allowed her to use only it. How rewarding for you to grow for her! Setup looks great, plants look great! Keep up the good work :+1:


welcome to the community your plants look fantastic keep up the good work, sorry to hear about your wife glad she’s doing good ,happy growing

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Long as you know how many watts it pulls from the wall, you can get a ball park figure for the electric bill. I think it’s like $30 to $40 a month for me. Since my Vipar pulled just about the same as a single HLG 260xl rspec. I use two of these otherwise 1 would run about $20 a month.

Remember if you grow a Photoperiod, it takes longer to get the end results. So for me if I can’t get at least 6 z’s dried and cured, I have to watch how much I smoke.

If I have a bad day, I may smoke 3 to 6 grams in one day. So 1 z won’t last long.

Sorry about your wife and Cannabis is great for Cancer patients. I’ve personally talked to my PC Doctor at the VA Hospital as we have a plan in place. Once I have enough stash, we are going to start getting rid of certains Meds. He partakes here and there due to having where his vertebrae can shatter. It’s nice having a Doctor that truly knows what severe back pain is like.

I wished I would had started growing when they found I had Esophageal Cancer. I was lucky they caught it before it spread back in Jan 2004. They used a laser to kill the tissue around where the Esophagus and Stomach is connected. Free and clear since. :+1:


You still have the retired Vipars? Lol I need lights way better than what I have.

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Yup I still have them but no way I can due to the rules in place. I hate seeing them just sitting there when someone could use them. But it’s a nice back up if or when my HLG’s die.

I may get another tent and use just 1 of them so I can start my hand again at Auto’s. I know it will cost me around an extra $20 a month in power but I’m get a $54 raise per month on my disability checks from the Veterans Adminiatration.


WOW,thank you all for all the great responses. One thing I have noticed here @ ILGM is no trash talk,everyone wants to help each other succeed. Great bunch of people helping each other. :grinning:


True, figured I’d ask.

That is a cool thing. People helping people so that we can all learn from each other in this amazing journey we are all on together. Grow good marijuana and be around like minded individuals. :+1:


Anyone know of decent/great LED’S bulbs I can screw into my luminaire for all stage of plant life, preferably one bulb to do all stages, please I don’t even know what specs to go by for this. Thank you guys.


I’ll tag @dbrn32 but with the Holiday just around the corner he may or may not get back to you right away.

I only use HLG LED’s now and I’m glad I made the switch. Sure it hurt my wallet temporary but getting 8 z’s dried and cured made the investment back.

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Welcome to the community.

I also have a 4’x8’ tent that I use for just flowering.

If these are the lights you have…

They pull 274w at the wall, which is probably enough lighting to effectively veg plants in the tent. But 2 of those lights only provide enough light for approximately 11sq feet, or 1/3 of your tent for flowering. If that’s all the light you’re using the buds will be airy/not dense. They’ll still work, but the quality might be a little lacking.

@MrPeat gives a good recommendation with the hlg lights. You can find them on amazon or at horticulture lighting group . Com

Figuring out effective lighting can be tricky, but the general rule of thumb is 50watts per square foot of flowering space for the purple panels like you have , lec, hps etc. and 30watts per square foot of flowering space for high efficacy quantum boards and lighting strips like they have at hlg, plc, bridgelux etc.