Multiple questions re: post harvest and aroma

Couple questions regarding post harvest…if im planning on wet trimming, then a trim bin with mesh doesnt make sense, correct? Im not really sure why there is mesh in those, but i think its for dry trimming anyway, so just a standard tray is fine?

Is it normal for a bud to smell like grass or vegetables, and nothing like weed, while its drying out? My bud that came off at least 2 1/2 weeks early is 4 days into drying, hanging on a hanger in a dark closet with a fan blowing, but not on it, and thats what it smells like. I did some research and i think it may be chlorophyll, as ive read, but i wanted to check here. It worries me that it doesnt smell like weed at all.

Is it normal for bud to have a chemical smell when youre up close to a bud still attached to a live plant? My tent smells very strong of mj, but if i put my nose up to a bud its got this very potent wierd smell. Could that be nutrients?

Since im new to curing mj, would i be making it easier on myself to invest in burp lids? Is all mj cured? Like even street weed? If not the burp lids, are there other products i should look into?

Are those mj compartmentalized cylindrical mesh hanging containers ok for drying mj or is it important that the mj be hanging straight down, and not lying on its side?

Ive seen many videos on trimming weed, but im wondering if anyone has a personal favorite that goes more into detail about trimming high quality, prize worthy techniques…im not sure if that makes sense, but other than cutting leaves off, is there a specific way the bud can be trimmed to make it taste different?

I guess im confused on if everything in the cola is actually weed, other than the leaves, and if not, are there any undesirable parts?

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Dosen’t really matter hanging or laying (some will disagree and say it has to be "upside down and hang the hole plant or the limb or clip each branch on a clothes hanger only on the 5th Sunday of the month :rofl:

As long as you got air circulation and proper humidity, it’s really whatever you like.

As far as is all weed cured even street weed?
And the answer is it should always be, and if it’s not you will know it. That “green smell” also comes in a favor :rofl: and it’s not good, plus uncured or “green” weed is full of chlorophyll and moisture and does not burn good at all.
About impossible to smoke a joint or blunt rolled of green weed.
You can smoke it in a bowl straight off the plant and it will do its job but uts not very pleasant tasting and many say it gives them a headache and is harsh…

As far as trimming goes, it’s also all about preference really… with one common factor. "Trim everything that isn’t covered in trichomes…

My technique depends on what I plan to do with it.
Will it be use in concentrates (then not much attention paid, and anything with trichomes stays)
or simply smoked then I may cut away things that do have trichomes but not alot.
If I’m worried about bag appeal, then I would probably clean away anything that isn’t covered in trichomes and all fan leaf steams have to go. Just this what you would not want to see in your bag…

But typically anything with trichomes is the goid bits no matter what part of the plant it technically is…

Others will have better advice but that’s my 2 cents :rofl:


Yes completely normal. They’ll smell more like terpenes when you jar it and cure it.

You’re correct, it’s chlorophyll.

Was anything applied to the flowers while growing? I’m pretty sure it’s not nutrients. The only question I have is to verify your humidity and air flow, if those are good, and everything above checks out, I would just assume it’s chlorophyll and terpenes, making weird smells.

A lot of people are switching to

I try to remove as many leaves as possible, if it’s not removable, I trim it as short as possible. I’ll trim top shelf first, and slowly get more relaxed in quality towards the lower canopy this will save some time. The larf I pretty much remove it leaves and all, too small to trim.

Fan leaves are pretty much compost pile. Sugar leaves have some value, lots of people use them for edibles, or tincture.


I don’t use a trim bin. So I have nothing to offer on it.

My buds never smell like grass and or hay.

My plants absolutely does not smell like chemicals. Never has from my experience.

I use 64oz Amber mason jars. It helps slow down the THC degrading over time.

I do wet and dry trim. Maybe it helps speed up the drying times. Maybe it doesn’t. I feel it does help as less water that needs to evaporate.

You can dry anyway you want. I strip the side branches off and hang them with paracord rope I unravel. I forgot how many ropes are intertwined on the inside. I know its 6 to 8 for sure.

Only undesirable parts is branches, main stalk and fan leaves. I actually smoke my sugar leaves as they are loaded with trichomes.


All good advice, smell and taste changes after cured, I cure in mason jars for up to two months then in the freezer for long term storage. I do not trim off anything that has tricolmes thats where the magic is.
I part out the largest part of my harvest can’t smoke all of it my self. No one would know I grew it if I didn’t tell them.


Awesome. Thank you so much for all the answers. I havent applied anything to the plant other than AN nutrients/supplements. Ill just assume its normal, as you suggested it might be, if everything else is ok. Humidity pops when lights are out to 70s, when lights are on its between 35%-55%…usually around 50. There is goid airflow.

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Thanks…once i get this premature bud to smell right i think ill be in a better place mentally with how everything us going to turn out. The off smell shook my confidence a bit and then i started worrying about the entire plant.

Thanks for the advice guys. Feel much better now.

I know the hay smell is common because i seen the question and answer posed a lot on google, but i dont even know what hay smell likes, and the closest thing i can guess this smell is, is grass, so im assuming thats what is meant.

As for the live plants, i dont even know if its a chemical smell…i cant really describe it because ive never smelled anything like it…the reason chemical pops in my head is i was thinking its the nutrients. I almost described it as a very potent weed smell…not like mj weed, but the smell you can get from when youve dug up a ton if weeds in the garden, and you smell the weeds, but even that isnt a perfect description.

Its probably my nose zeroing in on a particular part of the scent and its standing out to me. I dont know haha…it even irritates my senses a little bit. Maybe im sensitive to something the plants put off.

I just wanted to add that given the whole tent reeks of great smelling mj, yet my nose cannot pick up any smell of it on any particular part of the plant, its got to be something like what i said above…like my brain is isolating specific parts of that aroma…

Got you…thanks a lot man. I trimmed all those little leaves that were frosty off on the premature bud. Really glad i asked this question because i wont be doing that going forward now.

Was just about to order all my stuff for post harvest and everything you and everyone else has said, has helped a lot

Trim bin won’t be very effective with wet trim. The amount it produces from dry trim, however, is pretty amazing. No waste. Trim bin kief


I’ve had a couple plants that produced a hay/grassy smell while drying. Once they were fully dry that odor went away.

Haven’t had any chemical smells, but they definitely do smell different up close than they do from a distance while growing.


Wow ok now the screen makes sense. That is a lot.

Should i keep it hanging until that smell goes away, and then cure it, or does it usually last into curing? Im still kind of iffy on the timing of that process. Just planning on letting it hang until it can be crumbled up like bag weed and then curing…is that correct? Ive read a bunch of tips on how to tell when but i think that would be the easiest indicator.

Idk why ever one is saying weed doesn’t smell like chemicals :man_facepalming: .
Because it dose, any sour diesely smell is chemical smelling.
I mean sour diesels parent strain is name chemdawg because of its pungent chemical smell…
Many strains smell chemically to me.
Or as much like a chemical as they actually do lemons or strawberries that is :rofl:.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about if you haven’t added and chemicals…
Therecis no scientific way for nutrients to effect smell or taste as far as passing through the plant that is…

I believe peoples interpretation of what chemicals smell like must be different :rofl:

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The smell will not go away from drying the change comes from the cure. If you dry until it crumbles all you get is crumbles. I dry for 7 to 8 days then in jars they go. Will open the jars for 10 to 15 minutes several times a day until the moisture evens out. Then open fewer and fewer times a day as time goes by. You want a finished product more like pipe tobacco then bag weed.


Yea that could definitely be it…just like with taste. 2 people can taste the same thing and have very different reactions depending on how our brains react. We can be sensitive to certain components, or it can remind us of another thing that we do/dont like…

As for smelling nutrients, i figured if flushing can change taste bc of nutrients, then there might be a smell, since they are so closely linked. Especially if nutrients can effect terpenes, which are responsible for aroma

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Oh wow…i gotta get those jars ordered then. Thanks very much for the heads up.

I’m not convinced flushing dose anything for taste. Science says it can not effect taste.
Some growers say it does some say it doesn’t…

From experience, I can tell no difference…
So I believe its a strong possibility it’s a placebo effect.

“Flushing Trial - RX Green Technologies” Flushing Trial - RX Green Technologies.


Dry trim over a trim tray


i do believe you are allergic… its super important to get those plants (when done& trimmed)over to my place for proper disposal. lmao


I actually might be…when i work on my plants and my forearms brush up against anything with trichomes, they get itchy just like when im putting lights on an xmas tree. Im still smoking these ladies though, sorry :joy: