Moving plants to an indoor tent

I am a first timer from central Alberta. I have 3 plants currently growing outside but with cool weather coming I bought a tent and light to move them indoors. Is there anything I should be careful of when I do this?


@Floop70 first I want to welcome you to the forum
Just want to make sure you didn’t bring any bugs in with you but you won’t know till you bring them in


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@Floop70 I am a newbie on my first grow as well. These people on here are so helpful! You are in good hands.

My only thing would be sure to get a good light and have plenty of air movement in your tent. Again thos is my first go just chiming in. Good luck! I am going to follow this. 1​:grin::metal::call_me_hand:


There are frequently issues moving plants from outside to an indoor tent. Most of them are pest or mold related, but usually in relation to any existing indoor grow.
Since it’s just the 3 outdoor plants everything will be fine. Any issues will be mostly manageable.
I say go for it.


Thanks for the replies. Seems like this is a really good community, full of helpful people. Should be a great place for a newbie like to to ask dumb questions and grow great weeds. :grin:

Speaking of dumb questions…
My gals are all in big pots since they are outside. All three pots will not fit in my tent. Can they be transplanted? They are 10 - 12 weeks old. If it’s risky to transplant at this point, I could pick the two best looking ones for the tent and hope for the best leaving the third one outside for now (maybe moving it indoors at night when it may freeze). Thoughts?

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Do you have any pics? I wanna see how big your pots and how far along you are.

I’ll post pics of each plant in separate replies.

Plant 1:
3.5 feet tall. The pot is 20 inches across.

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Plant 2:
20 inches tall. Pot is 20 inches across.


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Plant 3:
Same strain as #1. 3.5 feet tall, pot is 18 inches across.

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They were all planted June 14th, we have had an unusually cool and wet summer though. I lost one plant to hail a couple weeks after they were planted.

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Looking good bro! I’m set to watch I thought I had done that or else I would have liked these a while ago lol happy growing gromie

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Well I got all three moved in last week - it’s snug but they do fit in the tent. I didn’t have enough airflow and humidity was out of control so one of the gals quickly contracted a case of bud rot. I fixed the airflow issue and have done what I can to lower humidity. I cut out the affected parts of the plant and inspected the others and it seems to be going much better now. I am paying much closer attention than I had been so I should catch any issues faster. Grow and learn I suppose. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm… not sure why those rotated. Oh well. Flip your monitors b their sides. :joy:

i’d sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on that soil asap as a preventative. bugs are the scariest thing about moving plants indoors. someone recently took an outdoor plant of mine that i couldn’t take care of and he moved it in and it infected his other indoor grows too. was sad for everyone. if they’re not in flower yet can spray with some neem, nukem or captain jacks. these are all for different pests but an ounce of prevention is worth it.

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