More b.s. flower problems

not sure what’s wrong i flushed yesterday

i’m lost my other 2 plants are great

support ticket

bag seed good weed not reggie i gave that up but true strain unknown mostly indeca i think
32"-32"-63" grow tent
400w hps applo
soil , ffof ph @6.6-6.5
run off @ 6.6-6.5
6" centripetal exhaust fan w/ filter
6" & 8" intake inline fans(not centripetal) w/ filters
Temps 84 day / 70 night
Rh. 40%\ 52%
No humidifier or dehumidifier
(3) 8" desk fans
Nutes. Fox farm full strength ( I have everything on the feeding chart and follow)
Also use botanicare silica blast 1 tsp per gal.
Botanicare cal-mag plus 1tsp per gal
Bioag ful- power 2 tbsp per gal

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I read about flushing shocking plants in early flower, someone had an issue on 420 and was advised to top up his dwc res instead of totally emptying it… I guess from totally uneducated guess I’d say next time you flush use half the water you used that time.

@Wishingilivedina420state good morning brother!

are you referring to the cleaves clawing?

It’s usually best to get pictures under white or natural light. One general pic and another close-up of the problem so we can get right to it! Lol

Seen this in my own room usually due to leaves drying up due to room getting to hot - Fully agree flush out the plant and soil and Try and cool down the room a little - At least after you flush you will now where you stand on nutrients, Next is indoor Air! To Hot or Cold and move more air -

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After the flower stretch aren’t you suppose to cut out the cal-mag because of nitro-tox

@Nug-bug I keep up all nutes untill 2 week’s before harvest, I’ve not heard about stopping the calmag treatment in harvest,but I will check onto it more thank u.

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Hope this is a better pic
@bob31 what u think?

I’m not useing Dwc just soil, and I only used 1/2 a gal for the flush I’m sure I needed more as I use a 3gal pot and need 3x’s the pot size , but thanks for the thoughts.

Too much N look at the labels of any products you are using no more Cal mag unless sshe gets clear signs of Cal def and silica should be stopped within 2 weeks of flower. Clawing is sign of an excess N content and Cal Mag is almost always Calcium Nitrate (Nitrate? being Nitrogen) I typically cut Cal mag after 2 weeks into flower and silicate shouldn’t be needed in soil period :wink: Cut those 2 products and I bet you will see improvement after a few straight ph’d waters
Many products sold are intended for hydro not soil in hydro plants only get what is given but soil is comprised of silicates minerals and has almost everything needed for a plant to live. We can’t use every product the same in soil as hydro silicate can be good in pure soil less grow coco Peat but also builds up and buffers ph creating head aches if the plant doesn’t need or want it


@donaldj thanks I thought I could use the silica wow didn’t know that. I will cut them out thanks again

@Donaldj I was looking at the back of my silica and it said for container gardens I’m guessing that’s just coco

I have cocoa loco if that’s the case, but am having some trouble but getting ready for round 3 with that.

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I use silicate in DWC to raise ph :wink: and container gardens would be coco

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And now I know
And knowing is half the battle

Thanks boss, I can still use it in my bubble cloner so no waist.
Back to the drawing board

@Wishingilivedina420state @Donaldj knows his stuff. I agree with him completely. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was away for the day yesterday and I missed your tag in the stack and just found it this morning.

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Thanks guys , I needed this info. Y’all the best.:+1::+1::+1::+1::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: