i have a strain that has a mold start in the big buds what can i do

What is the humidity of your room? We need a little info to help you out. Like what are you doing in your grow room; Basically.

Check out the support ticket thread in “News”. Fill thta out, best you can, and that will help us give you a better answer. Peace.lw

There is not a whole lot you can do.

Of course keeping the humidity lower during flowering and preventing this in the first place is always preferable.

If possible remove any and all infected parts of the plant being careful not to shake them a lot and spread mold spores through the rest of the garden. Do not touch other parts of the plant with your infected hands, wash and dry them well before handling other parts of your plant or other plants. Make sure your grow room is well ventilated and the humidity is no higher than 15%-20% for the rest of the flowering period. In the future don’t let your humidity get above 30% to help prevent mold in future grows. And make sure you have a circulating fan in the grow room to prevent stagnant air. Try and keep the temperature below 78 degrees Fahrenheit/ 25 degrees Celsius.

If all the buds are infected already or for the ones that are infected and removed, before drying, you can save them.

Check out my response on this topic here for what to do to save them:

And feel free to come back if you have anymore questions.

So; McG… You really think that the hydrogen peroxide will kill mold also?

On the surface. Mold and mildew are both just fungi. I’m also kinda assuming they actually mean powdery mildew. But yes, when all the damaged stuff is removed and then it gets its bath you’ll notice the same bubbling action as the oxygen kills any mold, mildew or any fungus that it can get to.