Mixing Nutrients together or keep seperate

Hello, first time grower. I am finished the first week of an Amnesia Haze autoflower seedling plant. It is in Fox Farm Ocean ? soil in a three gallon pot. I have also purchased Fox Farm Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, and Grow Big; these came with a feeding schedule pamphlet. According to the schedule Big Bloom is used for week 1, Big Bloom and Grow Big for weeks 2-4, and then all three adding Tiger Bloom during weeks 5-9. Weeks 10-12 no longer use Grow Big. The question I have is, "are the different nutrient additives mixed together into the same water or in separate containers to feed? I have read up on “over/under watering, over feeding,” etc. But I could not find anything in the forum about mixing nutrients together or keeping them separated.

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They get mixed together in your container of water. Fox Farms nutrients typically get acidic when mixing them together so it is very important to adjust the pH of your solution to the 6.2-6.8 range. You NEED a pH meter, and some way to adjust the pH. PH Up and pH down are common products you can buy, but you can use household products like vinegar and baking soda to adjust the pH.


Thank you for the response. I do have a pH meter; currently hydrating according to instructions. So, check the pH of the water before adding nutrient mixes and then add nutrient additives in same water; is that correct?

You need to check the pH of the mixture and adjust that before feeding. The pH can change over time so mix up enough for just that one feeding, don’t save leftovers. It’s better to feed it all to your plant and pour the runoff outside.


Thank you!

If you’re in ocean forest, you won’t be needing those nutrients for quite some time. That soil is already packed with nutrients and adding to it will burn your plants.


Mix nutrients first because they will affect pH. Mix nutes to whatever strength you use, then check and adjust pH. But like @BobbyDigital said, you won’t need nutes for a while in FFOF.


Wait at least 4 weeks and test TDS in runoff. When it drops to around 800 then be the time for neuts.