Medicating 86 YO Mom

My mom suffers from back curvature resulting in debilitating pain. She also battles depression and anxiety knowing her condition continually worsens. She gets a variety of meds from her doctor including opioids, zanax and valium. When she doesn’t have enough pain killers, she tries to find ways to get them on the black market and I refuse to go along. I have suggested we try cannabis meds and she is agreeable to give this a try.

Not only for my mom, but for me as well (vape tincture), I ordered an Ardent Lyft Decarboxylator and a Magical Butter machine. My question is how to prepare the best med possible for mom.

She is not going to smoke, so that drove me to considering some sort of oral method. She loves coconut oil, so I had considered infusing liquid coconut oil in the butter machine. Another option is edibles BUT she wont eat much and I figure brownies or other edibles wont be as simple as making oils for sublingual application. It would be easy for me to help her find the correct dosage by using a dropper. Would 7 grams of decent quality weed be ok to infuse a cup of oil? I don’t have the machines yet, so I’m looking ahead to see if this butter machine can do small quantities.

Any suggestions are welcomed, and if my original plan seems on track, I hope to hear feedback before I waste weed on a dead end project. Thanks!!

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Suggest you access CBD to ease your elderly Mom’s pain. It can’t hurt.

Edibles or capsules might be a good way.

Best Wishes

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I have thought about that too. My buddy uses CDB extracts for pain management and suggests I try this for mom as well. Of course I have access to regular weed and hope to find a good use since I have that on hand.

Any reason NOT to access any and all options to ease your Mom’s pain and give her a better quality of life?

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No reason at all. Let me ask if you have a personal opinion of the best CBD oil available? One thing I have heard is that CDB oils vary greatly since there is not a lot of regulatory control over the process. This may or may not be true, just what I have heard. Any info you may be able to share is greatly appreciated. And I think this may be a good route since I don’t want her “stoned” and possibly fall getting hurt.

For my 82 year old mom I make her CBD pills. I grew my own CBD strain. Vaped it for myself and then use the vaped bud to make the pills. I grind the vaped bud in a coffee grinder then add it to empty “00” gel caps. She loves it. You can use your Decarboxylator instead of vaped bud.

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I have heard from a person who medicates with decarbed bud in gel caps that it works nicely. Claiming ignorance, what is “vaped bud”? The only thing I can think of is you vape dry herb in something like a Pax 3, then use the spent product in gel caps? I’m just guessing…

I vape bud to get medicated using a vape like a Pax 3 and save the now used vaped bud. Essential it is the same as using a Decarboxylator except I get the benefit of the Decarboxylation. I never throw anything bud related away.

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Oh wow…so the spent herb from a dry vape Pax 3 has medical value? I have been tossing it, so I sure am glad you shared this with me. I am surprised there is anything left, so this is an eye opener for me. Awesome!

There is a little CBD left in vaped bud depending how long you vape it. If the vaped bud is totally dark brown then not too much left. Light brown with a hint of green you are good to go.


Since I set my Pax 3 on medium temps and not real high temps, the spent herb is generally light in color as you mentioned. I think I’ll try this.

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Decarb small amount , grind it. Add into raw cookie dough make 1 cookie I put about 1 gm in each.


I have not tried this, but it is on my list for a coconut oil extraction. I currently use a rudimentary method where I decarb shredded trim in the oven at 240 for 40 minutes, then put in a slow cooker, cover with coconut oil, and put on low for 24 hours. It works, but supposedly the low temp water bath really gets the extract out.


No personal experience with CBD. However, no need for concern about your Mom getting “stoned”. Quality CBD oil does not have THC in it.

You might consider a separate posting asking about best CBD oil. If no answer here, plenty of social media options on Facebook and others.

Heck, we even got CBD oil to the public in TEXAS !!! Still…a Free State would be better.

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The 6 brothers of the Taylor family in Colorado developed one of the first high CBD–low THC strains. It was named, “Charlotte’s Web” in honor of the 5 year old girl who had 60+epileptic seizures a day…UNTIL…her father traveled across the USA and convinced the reluctant Taylor brothers to sell him CBD oil. He broke the law…AND…he saved his little girls life. Now she is off the horrible meds, can speak, run, jump, feed herself,…like a normal healthy child should. She only has about two seizures a month. CBD is good stuff.