Medical Marijuana testing results

I am a legal MMJ (medical marijuana) grower and i am just finishing up this years grow. I am sending my Gold Leaf and TrainWreck out to get tested for THC and CBD and Terpenes. I will post the results as i receive them. Anyone else testing?


I’m not but very interested in those results!


I usually test mine when I can afford to

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I talked with testing facility today and I will be delivering a 1 gram, dried and labeled sample of all 11 plants on Thursday. They will be tested for THC, CBD, and Terpenes etc. I should have results by middle of next week. This also includes pictures. I am stoked.


Hi Mike!

Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. First the bad news - you didn’t hit 30%, BUT a few of your samples topped 23% (one topped 24%) making them the highest potency patient samples we’ve ever tested. So that’s pretty good bragging rights.

I had a little spare time waiting for the samples to extract, so I photographed your samples and generated a proper Certificate of Analysis.

fwiw - we only give THC, CBD, etcetera potencies (neutral cannabinoids) since those are the more active forms. The THCA equivalent would be 11.4% higher, so the 24.2% Skywalker sample would contain about 27.6% THCA.

It was good sharing a burger with you (those burgers were damn good). Hope you had an uneventful drive home. Reports are attached. Please acknowledge receipt.



Dr. Richard D. Richins
Rio Grande Analytics
Las Cruces


Very Interesting @Fepony thanks for sharing those.

3 questions

What state is the testing facility located in?

What do they charge for each test?

Where there any differences in the gold leaf grow? Or do you have any thoughts on the different test results between gl1 and 2?

I guess that’s technically 4 haha

Please tag me in your response.

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@bob31 Testing Facility is in Las Cruses, New Mexico. For licensed personal growers it is $40 per sample. (THC/CBD and Terpenes). The results were due to stress and harvest time. GoldLeaf 1 was broken at the bottom of the stalk mid grow and repaired itself. It was also first harvested. GL1 had higher THCA but GL2 had super myrcenes which help you sleep.

I missed the mercenes in the report but I’m reading from a smart phone.

I’m in MA and the only licensed growers are the ones growing mmj. There are no licenses otherwise anyone can grow. I know one of our members had a sample tested. I will have to research that. I have amnesia Haze that I will harvest in a couple months and I want to see what the numbers look like.

So are you satisfied with the results?

@bob31 Yes very satisfied. A little surprised. In NM not all MMJ card holders can grow. Very few are licensed to grow outdoors.

I need to clarify my statement. In MA the only ones licensed are the mmj growers supplying the dispensaries. We have an mmj licensed growers in MA but the state has not issued any licenses. Since Jan 1 anyone can legally grow.


You will definitely want to find a testing facility within the state to avoid legal complications. …

not tested yet really interested in if maybe it would help agaist crohns my daughyteer vhas it any ideas would help

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@tracer19 check this out. It may help some.

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