May I turn lights of during flowering for 24 hours?

Hi everyone,
I’m new here, and my English is not so good, so if i will make mistakes, thanks for understanding.

So, I have a small garage for growing, and my flowers already in a 6th week. But they are too small and tiny***. I don’t know what to do to make them bigger.*** This is a first issue.
Second- today is so hot in outside-104F, and my room temperature was increased to 97F. I’m using LED lights, and have AC, which is I think already gone, doesn’t work properly.
So my friend advice me to turn down lights and turn on in the night. It will take 24 hours for switching.
The question is- is it okay if during flowering my trees will be in the dark 24 hours???

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They need a rest period. Welcome to the communityZ i change light schedule on the drop of a dime. You should be fine switching now.

You can put a battery powered light in there for 12 hours, but even with no light they should be fine. Just be sure to keep up the air circulation.

Thank you, so it’s not harmful and they will be hopefully fine


They will be fine. :+1:

Thank you, actually I can’t put battery light, but I don’t know am I keeping air circulation right. I just have fans and CO2

Keep the fans going. Co2 doesn’t matter.

You have an exhaust fan?