Master kush grow start of 1st day of week 3. 12/12 cycle 4-23-20

thank a lot. have a good one

yeah, I think I read somewhere it’s called PH lockout or something like that. I don’t know if I did the right thing or not but, I took a soil reading and saw it was in the upper 10.0s. So, what I did was lowered the PH of the water I was going to water with to around 2.0 and poured a gallon of it into each pot and after waiting a bit checked the soil’s PH again. It was around the lower 7.0s.I’ll try doing this another couple of times to see if I can get the soil to a manageable 6.5 or close to it as I can get and keep a good eye on it from then on. Maybe I should get a good handle on outdoor growing first but I’ve been thinking a lot about trying my hand at one of those tent type grow rooms. The thing is… the little woman. Don’t know if she’ll go for it or not. Really don’t want to rattle her cage but it’s something I’ve been thinking about. Take it easy or anyway you can get it… Constipation

Was they autoflowers or photos and what kind of nutrients did u use


yeah, i would just get some practice in. if you can practice indoors , then you can try all year round. you dont need to have a huge space. just get the minimum until you get your grow on and go from there. wish i could be more help. it is hard unless im working with the garden myself. be careful of dropping your ph to fast. one you get it around 6 and 7 in soil depending what phase your in veg or flower. always ph your water if needed even if its plain water. if you added nutes,ph after you have added nutrients. always check your soil ph. so it dont go crazy on you. soil is a lot harder to fix the ph than coco or hydro type growing. keep going at it. you will get it. have a good one, wheelz70

they were photos

here is the master kush jared up. dont have a weight yet. im guessing around 6 to 8 0z. these are half gallon jars. i used 62% boveda packs in 3 jars and 58% in one jar. once they cure up a bit i will weigh them and post it. next im going to do 2 strawberry cough, or 1 cough and 1 blueberry. 3 plants super cropped and other training methods are to much in 5 gallon pots in a 2x4 tent. my yield probably would of been more if i only did 2 master kush. thanks to all for your replies and compliments.

Tag me in your future grows :wink: you did good man!!! A lot of jars of some sticky dank :fire::fire::fire:

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sorry for posting 2 of the same pics. my computer is goofy at the moment. i didnt trim all the sugar leaves off. dry trim is a pain in the you know what. where i live i had to jar in the 5th or sixth day. but the terpenes turned out fine,thankfully.will post a legit weight soon. peace to you all. happy harvesting

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i will do so, you might have to tell me how to tag, i probably can figure it out. i am terrible with a good one. peace

I got ya. :wink: just place an @ symbol in front the name of the person you wish to tag. Like @wheelz70

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Lately with this nutrient lockout thing I’ve been going through there I have been a lot of times that I just want to throw up my hands and just say F#@& this crap! But then I see the pictures you and some of the other people post and then I say; I wanna grow weed like that and have a yield like yours. That’s what’s keeping me going. This lockout shit really has me perplexed. Sometimes I don’t know if I should wind my ass or scratch my watch. But thanks for the pictures they’re what keeps me going.

what kind of nutrients are you using. list all of them if there is more than 1. i will try and figure out what the problem is. what kind of soil.? do you have a ph meter. if so do you ph your water to the proper level everytime you water.?? how often do you water and feed your plants?? talk with you later. have a good one

got ya, will do. have a good one.

i put 2 boveda packs in each jar

what kind of nutrients are you using. list all of them if there is more than 1. i will try and figure out what the problem is. what kind of soil.? do you have a ph meter. if so do you ph your water to the proper level everytime you water.?? how often do you water and feed your plants?? talk with you later. have a good one.

What kind of nutrients: FoxFarm Trio; Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. But all I’ve tried to use were the Big Bloom and Grow Big. But because of the nutrient lockout they did do much good. What kind of soil: Can’t remember the name but it was an organic soil with an insufficient amount of Nature’s living soil. I bought a 5 pound bag and tried to split it up 6 ways into 7 gallon grow bags. (Big Mistake) Yes I have a ph meter and also a: 3 Way Soil Meter Tester for Adequate Light, Moisture and Soil pH. Do you ph your water to the proper level every time you water?: Now I do, but before I was just watering with water straight from the hoes. I know now that’s where the lockout started. So many mistakes. Its a wonder my plants aren’t dead already. I’m thinking of flushing them with the garden hoes for about 10-15 minutes each and then flushing with chlorine free water and ph water at 6.5. What do you think?

i use fox farm nutrients, i would start with 1/4 strength of what they say to add for starters. but start that after your flush ,just flush with ph 6.5 dechlorinated water only. fill some buckets whatever large containers you have let it sit out for at least 24 hours then ph 6.5 and flush them through. you will have to look up how many gallons they recommend to use. then dont water again until your soil gets close to drying out. then if needed feed with 1/4 strength grow big and big bloom,big bloom is organic and is hard to overfeed with it. it has no nitrogen so add 1/4 tsp of grow big, but if your plant does not look like it needs fed then wait until next time you water. make sure you let your soil dry , but not desert dry. overwatering can screw your plants up also. keep your roots from getting oxygen. if your meter reads the fertility of the can check it to know if you should feed after your flush when the soil dries . again not super dry. or you can get a soil testing kit on amazon or at the store to check the fertility of your soil. the nitrogen,p, k . i think there called rapid soil tests. help take the guessing out of it. remember it may take time for your plants to improve . so dont overthink it if possible. flush with 6.5 ph, then get a test for your soil to check the nutrients.that will let you know if you should feed on your next watering after flushing. not sure if it makes any sense,but give it a shot. good luck and be patient, watch for improvements. it most likely wont be right away because they will be stressed a bit.

the final weight of my master kush was 350 grams, a little over 12 ounces. will start blueberry and or strawberry cough, or 1 of each soon. clean up

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the final weight of the mater kush was 350 grams, a little over 12 ounces. thanks for all the support. going to clean tent change carbon filters etc. will start blueberry and strawberry cough. or something like that. have a good one.happy harvesting

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Welcome to the forum this is a great place to learn about growing and meet a lot of great people. They have sure helped me.

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master kush nugs started cure i jars on june 15th something like smoke. one favorite kush strains, . im doing strawberry cough now .there seedlings.i will make a new grow post. peace,happy harvesting