Marijuana seedling leaves are drooping and browning on the tips

Hi If anybody can help my plant is about 2 weeks old and one of them the leaves are drooping and the tips are starting to yellow and brown

Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

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Looks fine. Be careful to not overwater them at this point. They only need a couple ml of water a day at this point. Fertilizers could be a cause for burned tips. If you are fertilizing, then stop.

My current plant had burned tips and is doing fine.

Here is the same plant today.


Thank you I appreciate it a lot this is my first time growing I didn’t start fertilizing yet was going to start maybe next week and I think you’re right I might have over-watered and yours is looking awesome

What soil (brand and type) are you using?

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I’m using Happy frog potting soil I got the fox farm nutrients I didn’t start adding yet when do you think I should and I germinated them in root riot and I have three LED lights in the middle one is 600 and the other two are 300 watt

You won’t need to feed nutrients for around 4 weeks. Get yourself a PPM meter and test the runoff. Begin feeding when PPM dips below 1,000.

You will struggle to flower 3 plants with the lights you have.


Depending on the plant size. If its a large plant in 4 weeks, it will drain the nutrients.

Now if it’s a small plant you can go 6 weeks and more. I am using a bag that I am on my 3rd grow in the same soil. It took 3 grows to drain the nutrients completely. They was all Indica Strains.

Now my Sativas will drain the nutrients in 4 weeks.


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Okay I’ll order one and can you recommend to me how much and how often I should use the fertilizers because I see a whole bunch of different things everywhere about it lol I’m not looking to get a crazy yield or anything I just want some high quality good taste in nugs And I appreciate all the advice

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The LEDs won’t be good enough to flower them? I thought they would be good for the whole grow. What should I get when I’m in the flour and stage for the three plants?

Newbie here too but I have learned that getting good lights produces bigger and better. Check out HLG lights. Try doing a search on here. Tons of pros, they know their stuff.

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Maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000 throughout the grow. The FF schedule is a bit aggressive, so would recommend feeding 1/2 to 3/4 of what Fox Farm says in their feed schedule.

Manufacturers of the type of lighting that you have are flat dishonest about their light’s capability. Effective light from these type of light is generally 10 to 20% of what the LED manufacturer claims. This is for 2 reasons - they have older generation LEDs which create a lot of heat instead of a lot of light. These dishonest manufacturers cite the rating of the LEDs according to the LED type max capability, which is never achieved. The real metrics to look for in quality LED lights is power draw (the true wattage) and the generation of LEDs. The most efficient LEDs currently available are Samsung LM301h LEDs. Samsung LM301b diodes are a close second. Look for light built with these LM301 type diodes. Both your plant and your electric bill will thank you.

HLG builds their lights with LM301h diodes. Spider Farmer builds most of their lights with LM301b diodes.

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Hi I just got a HLG 100 V2 4000K Horticulture Quantum Board LED Grow Light how would you recommend I set my grow tent up with this light and thother three lights. And how far should I keep them away from the canopy between the stages all the help you appreciated

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Cool so I run into you again. First was on shroom forum. Anyway I see you know a little about your lights . I’m a first time grower. Went with the GROWERS CHOICE ROI-E720 which from what I understand is one of the most powerful new lights around. I just got my par meter yesterday. My sprouts are approximately a week-10 days now. I have it set for 30 percent and about 24 inches from top of sprouts. But now that I got my par meter I can’t find anyone to let me know what ppf reading I should be keeping for seedling stage. Would you know by chance?


Seedlings: ~300 PPFD
Veg stage: ~600 PPFD
Flowering stage: ~800 PPFD

Oh and I keep it 18 on and 6 off with a 45 minute dim in sunrise and dim out sunset. I think I was over watering cause I got nats. I have since stopped watering. But from what everyone is saying they look fine.