Marijuana Plants And Seltzer for CO2

I use a closet to grow my marijuana plants under a 430-watt HPS lamp. Throughout the day, I mist the plant with seltzer water. Should I keep doing this into the flowering stage?

Seltzer water is basically carbonated water with no additional salt. Occasionally, you’ll see it being used to provide CO2 to small plants because it’s a rather economical way to get CO2 to them. As the marijuana plants begin to really grow, it starts to get more inexpensive to provide CO2 using a tank or by burning natural gas. It also gets trickier to reach the vegetation and to spray at adequate levels.

During the first three to four weeks of flowering, seltzer water helps improve bud growth. Beyond that, it’s a better idea to not moisten the bud. If you do use seltzer water, it needs to be sprayed on the marijuana plants at the start of the light cycle so that it get completely dry by the time the dark period comes around. Molds thrive on moist buds in the dark.