Marijuana on the ballot?

just found out my state is having petition drives to get recreational MJ on this Novembers ballot… that has me pretty stoked. I sent off for more information and a support packet… thinking I might spend a few weeks gathering signatures… I would be so stoked if we could make this happen around here…would likely be the first southern state to have recreational.


What Stalte @Oak


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Mississippi…from what I gather so far 82000 signatures are required…and they have about 3 1/2 weeks to get them collected… based on my research so far, still have not heard back from the organizers. there are five districts in the state and there has to be at least 17300 signatures from each district… that part might get sketchy, lol…


Hell yeah, that would be amazing

I was really bummed to find out they are collecting signatures for this initiative to go on the ballot…two years from now.
damn dirty south does everything slower than normal people.

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That sir just popped the balloon :balloon: :triumph::angry:

really busted my bubble, lol

Massachusetts is legal now and I love it! :thumbsup:

(Screw you William Randolph Hearst)


that is the best news for you @Paranorman.

It will be fun visiting the stores selling cannabis legally (I can’t believe I typed that) and sampling.

I may finally go visit a doctor for a medical marijuana card just to buy it there and smoke it here. Massachusetts will have options Connecticut doesn’t have…transporting from there to here should be okay.
Waiting for our state to make it illegal and fine people for carrying over the state line.

how many plants will they allow you to grow?
next summer should be good for you and an outdoor in full sun grow?


California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts all voted to legalize marijuana. Montana, Arkansas and North Dakota voted for medical. The climate is definitely changing. With Cali going for legal it is going to put a lot of pressure(hopefully) on the federal government to at very least consider a reclassification of the plant. Man I really hope so. It is for sure about time. Cheers!


Massachusetts :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Here you go 10 ounces and 6 plants! :smiley:
Massachusetts just made it legal to possess an insane amount of weed | Mashable


Did I hear right… Massachusetts lawmakers are trying to roll back the date of legal marijuana to March?? That’s total bs…:rage:

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@Capt_Seeweed Hi, hadn’t heard that !? … thanks for the info, I’m still on my MMJ card but keep me updated if you hear anything, thanks! :thu

Will do… I heard it on the Boston news. I knew the lawmakers would screw it up…lol :grin:

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Oh yeah I Googled it right after I read what you said and it’s all over the place

the politicians don’t want to do their job (that’s something new right) might take them months and months to get it done they say! Unbelievable! (but so predictable) …time to drain the swamp

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Agreed boss man