Marijuana closet grow HPS

A question from a fellow grower:

I have 1 plant in my closet growing and have some questions I was hoping you could help me out with.The closet is about 2 feet deep, 4 ft wide and 6 ft tall. I have a 150 Watt HPS light that produces 16000 lumens. I was wondering if this is adequate lighting to produce a good yield or if I should add 2 CFL side lights if it isn’t enough. Any advice would be of great appreciation, thanks.

Instead of cfl side light; Why not buy into T5’s, or more 150 watt hps. I love these small lamps. Maybe buy an Ipower 400 watt digital switchable lamp system and add your 150 as a side lamp. Increase your tield by 30-40%

The Dutch growers have for years; Grown massive yields using side lamps.

400 watt HPS? Sorry first time. Switching lights mid grow shouldn’t be a problem should it?

No. It should not. You do have to be aware of temperature issues. If you have central AC, then you can use the closet and all will be good. I do not think you will have issues if you go with a setup like this.

IPower 400 watt

You can look and see that there are diferent models to choose from. I think the 400, would suit you through all your closet grows. Especially with a cool 150 for a side lamp.