Male or female? Newbie to non feminized seeds

First grow using non feminized seeds, I’m guessing this is a male? Too early to tell? I’m at week 4 of veg

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I’m no expert but it looks like a male to me but wait for one of the more experienced growers come along

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I wouldn’t pull it up just yet. Give her a couple more days for it to expose itself.
Good luck with your grow!

Hey there @1stGrow2018

Check this grow bible out it might help you out.

Download the free Marijuana Grow Bible from ILGM

I’ve had my share of hermies and I’m going with male on this one. Hope I’m wrong. Good luck

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Definitely a boy sorry :disappointed_relieved:. Only 4 week of veg.?

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Maybe closer to 5

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His balls dropped fast

I’d clone it a toss clone into flower to double check but it definitely looks Male I’d say 85% certain

Thank you for the input.

@1stGrow2018… I gave up trying to come out ahead by buying regular seeds. 30 to 80% would be males. A lot of time and effort to grow a plant till it sexes. Suggest you cough up the money for fem’d seeds. males will develop fairly slowly…until there is a grape cluster of pollen pods. Then, they will start spewing massive amounts of fine yellow pollen. Until they do that, they are not a problem.

Let the plants grow until they plainly show sex. Get rid of males, unless you want a lot of seeds.

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My experience is that i plant 30-40 seeds and only get 10 female. That’s how my luck goes.

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Regular seeds? Which strain?