Male or female, I'm pretty sure I know

I think it’s a male but I need to know for sure. What do you think.

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That ain’t no bitch, that’s boy. Ray Charles, great movie


So sorry, a boy

I figured, thanks for the reply

It’s a boy, sorry.

I’m going to go out back and kill it, it’s a sad day.


I just had to chop down a 6’ pineapple haze that showed its balls after the 12/12 switch. I feel your pain.

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That sucks, but we win some and we lose some.

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Ouch :grimacing: that hurts my soul

Definitely a boy. The nuts are a dead giveaway! Lol. Still, I’ve read that males can still produce 2/3 the amount of THC that females do. If you can’t start a new grow, I’d suggest trying to make some hash from the male. Never done it before but I’d sure try if I wound up with only males. Lol

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