Male female?Look different

Does not look liKe my first grow does this look right


Sorry male I feel for you


100% a male unfortunately are than any other female ppants around him?

Thanks thought so

Yes 1 what should I do


Thanks appreciate

Remove the male gently. Cover it with a larger garbage bag before hand.
Looks to be fairly far along too . Might want to spray your other one down with some water after the male is out.
It will neutralize any stray pollen that may have escaped during the removal.

Compost heap or fire pit for it.



Yes, I see open sacs. :face_with_peeking_eye:
The girls may be knocked up already.


As mentioned already spray down the male with water using a spray bottle to help neutralize the pollen put a trash bag over him and chop and get him out be gentle while doing this to prevent more pollen from dumping but with there being open sacks already its very likely that your girls in there are already pollinated as well in that case as long as this was a actuall male and not a hermied plant you’ve just successfully started you’re first breeding project lol the seeds produced should end up as regular seeds and youl have a ton of free beans to grow :grinning: looking at your pics it does look like a full blown male and not a hermied female


What strain of auto flower was that

White widow

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