Making Autoflower Seeds

I have 10 regular mixed Ryder Autoflower seeds and want to make seeds. I have a wooded site and is small indoor 3-chamber grow room. With indoor space limitations what would be my preferred method for success?


 Depends on where you are located.  IF there is no feral Cannabis where you live (i.e. the Mohave Desert), then you might try breeding outside.  The problem as I see it is you would need to transfer male pollen to the female flower with a small, very soft paint brush, to ensure breeding happens.  Living in the upper Midwest, I always did my breeding inside.  Inside you have TOTAL control over all possible variables.  Inside, you merely have to flower, and once the male flowers open up, and start spilling pollen out, I would just give every male plants a vigorous shake once a day.  The air in the grow room will be filled with beautiful pollen, and with normal air circulation, it will find it's way to a female stigma, and you will be rewarded with a copious seed harvest.  Do be absolutely sure that you let the female plants completely mature, so that your seeds will be mature.  Let them go an extra week beyond what you might otherwise do, until you get a feel for this process.  

Stay safe. Stay happy,