Make or female?

It’s a female.

That’s a nice look female what strain is it

It’s female and U don’t want to cut your calyx off.

The calyx is designed to protect the plants reproductive organs in between the sepals and provide the flower with a base of stability.

When cultivating cannabis, the objective is to harvest nice big colas of which the calyxes are a part. Not just any ordinary part, but the most important part, because the calyxes are where you find the reproductive organs of the plant, called the pistils, and the trichomes.

In fact most of the cannabinoids are formed in the pistils and the calyxes of the cannabis plant. This is the flower part of the plant, that will eventually be harvested, dried and cured and ultimately will be ready for consumption.

Calyxes that aren’t flowered when u harvest are usually full of oil. Also very useful.

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How many days??

@Cajunboy777 it looks like you just started, and with out knowing the strain, or if this is an autoflower, it’s just an estimate.
For a photo period about two months, maybe a bit more.
If it’s sativa dominant you might need couple weeks past the two month mark.

Mine is indica

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