Main Cabinet Evolution

Also forgot to post a pic of a couple buds from the last run (‘Purple Haze’). ‘Tall’ plant is on the left, ‘Short’ plant is on the right.

They were both very dense & at a nearly-ideal moisture level, not clogging the grinder. They might need some more time in the jar to reach max potency, but they were both nice & strong. I’m still burping the jars for a minute or two every couple days, but they have gassed off most of the chlorophyll. I like the flavor of the short plant better, but they are both mild in flavor. The short had green coloring & is a little more sweet-tart & citrus. The tall had purple coloring & is more of a lavender & earthy flavor. I smoked a joint of each, & then a combo joint. They’re both good joint-weed, but the short plant might also taste good in glass, whereas the tall plant might not. I should test that later.

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Three days since my full res-change, & did a 1-gal partial res-change today.

Plant seems happy with the PPM running between 640 & 660 for now. Plant is drinking around 1/2 gallon a day. pH crashed a little by lights-out yesterday, & lights-on today, running down to around 5.5 from around 6.1 - 6.2 both times. pH adjustment fixed that last night, & the partial res-change fixed it this morning. It ran down from 6.2 to 5.8 today, so I just bumped it up to 6.2 again.

Plant has seemed to have stopped stretching, although it still may grow up a little more over time.

I raised the light again a couple clicks today, trying not to burn the tall top.

I have three main tops around the same height, & that tall one, plus a shorty near the center of the back wall.

I’ve pruned off some more lower bud-sites & some lower main fan leaves, & also have partially trimmed some other main fan leaves.

Hoping to maybe be able to get some of the remaining lower bud sites to finish, since I don’t have a whole lot of tops up top shading everything down below. Unfortunately having to keep raising the fixture for that one tall top might lead to me chopping off more lower stuff.

Spent some time dialing in the controllers again due to moving light & sensors upwards again. Ambient RH has been on the rise over the past day or two, not sure that my humidifier has even run since filling it last.

Here’s a look at the three Thermpros hanging in the center, & in the front right top & lower corner. Leaf temps running around 8 to 10f lower than surrounding air temps.

Thermpro hanging in center: I moved it a little closer to the light itself & into hotter air after raising the light today, so it started reading a little hotter, but the tops were probably in about the same air temp as they were before I moved things. Eventually I dialed down the exhaust fan temp setpoint anyway, & it’s running a little cooler now overall.

Thermpro upper front right corner: It’s running pretty close to the hanging center unit. Idea is to be able to pull the hanging one out of the way after the stretch, & just refer to this one as if it were in the center, since it seems to be running closely to the center one.

Thermpro Lower front right corner: This helps to see what the temp & particularly the RH is doing down low.


Couple days into Week5 since the flip:

She’s been handling the max 675 PPM over the past couple days, I might try to push it up to 700 tomorrow. pH has been better-behaved over the past couple days. Although I did do an early partial res-change yesterday, mostly in order to bump up the PPM since she’s been taking chunks out of the ppm number daily. She’s also been drinking well, a little over a 1/2 gallon over the last 24h. She stretched up another maybe quarter inch over the past couple days & the tallest top seemed to be in too-strong light imo, so I raised the light a couple more clicks today. The leaves started stretching upwards by the end of the day, but I don’t think that they are ‘reaching for the light’, I think that they got a little warm in there by the end of the day, but maybe not. This plant seems sensitive to changes. Also the small sugar leaves have looked weird on this one. Not sure if that’s a nute imbalance, maybe a little too much N from my calmag, not really sure. Next week will be a scheduled ratio change & will be getting less N than now. Maybe too-low PPM overall, but working on that.

Going to start cleaning out some of the fan leaves down low, at least with partial pruning. It looks more crowded in the pics, not so bad when I’m looking at it.

Center-hanging Thermpro over the past 24h: The bump up in temps is from after I raised the light & sensors, & also moved the Thermpro a little closer to the light. If I feel it’s too hot in there now, I might dial down the set point of the temp exhaust fan, or I might physically lower the fan sensor & watch the Thermpro & adjust the setpoint that way. Sometimes if the fan sensor gets too close to the light, it can make it tough to set without causing the fan to run away. I’ll watch how the cab runs & the leaf temps & bud temps on that tallest top tomorrow, & go from there. Leaf temps are still running around 8 to 10f lower than surrounding air temps. The bud temps run warmer, & on that tall top they might try to get too warm tomorrow, so I want to watch for that.

Same Thermpro over the past week:

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Into Week 6 since the flip:

Starting to build some buds, & I might have to raise the light up another click or two because the tallest one is getting a little too much light & maybe heat & maybe a little too dry sometimes. Overall this plant has not been looking that great with the look of the sugar leaves, & the bud production seems a little slow, kind of reminds me a little in appearance of the two Super Skunk runs that both hermied, so hoping I’m wrong about that.

Roots: Did a full res-change today & moved into the next scheduled nute ratio. I’ve been running the bucket at around 700 ppm for the past few days, bumped it up to 725 with the res-change today, & we’ll see if that is too much. pH has been around 6.0 to 6.2 with minor adjustments.

Central Thermpro, past 24h: I might have to raise this up a little or raise the light up, since this one is a little lower than the top of the tallest bud now, & might be reading slightly cooler air.

Past week:

Tallest top: Might start reducing light intensity a little early since it’s looking a little rough.

I’ve been wanting to try reducing dli a week earlier than the chart suggests, although I’m still a week away from that as of now. But with the tallest top looking a little rough, I might start soon anyway.

I’ve been making a couple minor changes to try & help the leaf tacoing on a couple of the tops, & the weird-looking smaller sugar leaves. A couple days ago I raised the light another click, but the tallest top is still probably a little too close, & I’m running out of room to raise the light without doing some more work & adding more mount-screws for the top oscillating fans, moving other things up out of the way, etc. So that tallest top might have issues anyway.
But lately I’m noticing some of the leaves on the shorter tops starting to have the same issue, so today I lowered the fan speed of the oscillating fans above the light, which slightly reduced the air hitting the tops. Then later in the day I slightly lowered the target temperature of my main exhaust fan, which helped to drop the air temps about a degree from 84 to 83f max near the tallest top, & without causing a runaway fan.
But later tonight I noticed something odd when looking at the readout of the Thermpro located just above screen-level, which I haven’t been checking lately. It showed that for around the last three weeks, the air has been warmer there during lights-out as compared to lights-on by around 5deg F. I double-checked the heater plates to make sure that they were switched off, but really this is happening due to much warmer outdoor ambient temps in general, & that heat soaking the outside brick walls & keeping the cab warm during lights-out. Not sure how much of a big deal this condition is, but I thought that I’d been noticing the plant transpiring more during lights-out (which seemed a little weird so I figured I was wrong). But I’m pretty sure that it is, & probably this is why. Not sure what the temps are doing mid-level up the plant, & I can add a Thermpro there starting tomorrow, but the Thermpros at the top of the canopy show that the air there is hotter during lights-on & cooler during lights-off, which seems normal to me. But I can still try to lower the temp during lights-off because my temp exhaust fan controller has a photosensor & separate dial for lights-off temps. I know it’s already set slightly lower for lights-off than for lights-on, but I’m going to gradually lower it a little more over the next couple days or so to see what happens.