Made my own soil...need a bit of advice from avid growers please

I attempted to make my own soil with some research but I wanted to see how it stacks up against the avid growers… Need advice on ferts once they start growing…I have good seeds on the way but using bag seed to test the soil now before they show up… Here’s what I used
4 cups basic potting soil
4 cups perlite
1/3 cup bat guano at 0-5-0
1/3 cup blood meal at 12-0-0
1/3 cup tomato-tone at 3-4-6

please help

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At what stage of growth will you be transplanting the seeds to soil? I have read that the first 2-4 weeks no Nutrients are required but if used, should start at 1/4 strength. If not, and you have more nutes, then you get nutes burn. The top 1/3 of your pot should be neutral, like coco coir, peat etc. and as you progress downward, the roots as the develop and the plant gains strength, it will be able to absorb and use the nutrients in the soil. Plus, and I don’t know he answer, do you still fertilize if the soil already is providing NPK for eaxample? I don’t know. I have a plant in organic soil and still had a nute deficiency. My next grow will be more as I described above.

I hope this helped

I have a thread going called strawberry kush and white widow… And since it is all organic it is really hard to burn the plants…

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Way way off
More like:
6 cups soil
3 cups perlite
1/4 cup tomato tone
1 table spoon everything else…
BUT read up on soil makeing as suggested.
It’s easier to make more than you need then store the rest in lided buckets