M3M Michigan Made Soil

I have a question for anyone. Here
In Michigan they have a Michigan made
Soil which is 15-33-38. They claim
That you can use it threw your whole
Grow without using any nutes. But
By using water at 6.5 , would that
Drop the NPK ? And do you think that
I could still follow my Fox Farm Schedule
As far as using the nutrients ,
Or would that BURN them . I would like
To try it out , but I’m kind of
Leary. Also what about using the
15-33-38 for cloining and vegging?
Any answer would be helpful

Well; PH has nothing to do with N-P-K.

Sounds like some good soil. You will have to monitor the plants in order to find the answer to your question. If the plants show signs of wanting nutrients; Then you follow the Foxfarm schedule. :slight_smile:

What would be the minimum number of
Days that you could flush your soil
Before picking the buds ?
Reason being , I’ve noticed just a
Couple of mites on one plant and
I don’t want them to spread
I had them under control by using
2 tablespoons of laundry soap
2 tablespoons of bleach
2 tablespoons if baby oil
In 1 gallon I water at a temperature
Of 95 to 100 degrees
I would like to get my buds off
Before I start running into more
Mites before harvest
Any help would be appreciated

If you have mites; You must rid your bud of mites before harvest. From the sound of things; I believe you have an infestation. You can dust the plats with Diatomaceous Earth (DE Food grade CODEX); 3 times over 2 weeks. This will allow the mites to die, and the DE to destroy the hatchlings, as well.

Once I get my plants out of my room
I wish to clean the whole room
Will 1 cup of bleach added to
1 gallon of water help me rid the
Room of mites
I want to get it super clean before
I bring my next batch in for
If you have any other suggestions
I would appreciate it
Thanks for all your help

If you use bleach; I believe you would not use much more than a couple TBS. per gallon. I use Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade CODEX. This is the only thing I have ever found to wipe out mites completely.

DO NOT use the Diatomaceous Earth used for swimming pool filters. Good Luck.:slight_smile:

Would they gave that Diatomaceous
Earth at a Grow Store? Or is there
A website I could order it?
Thanks for your help

I see that they have the Diatomecous
Earth on eBay , also one says
Water type, is this a type of earth
That you mix with water? And would
You recommend using the powdered
Earth rather than the liquid?
Your help
Would be appreciated

DTE is tiny petrified bugs. Very sharp edges to the pieces. Bugs and worms crawl in it, it pierces their skin and they die. (that’s the theory behind it.)

DTE is also used in pool filters.

I would not use the liquid myself.

When I use it, I sprinkle it around the base of my plant(s).