Luke, I am your Flower!

Holy cow, did you see the list of new strains ILGM added last week?!! I immediately ordered Skywalker OG and Banana Kush, WOOHOO!!

Unfortunately, I can’t set up my new grow space until I get relocated after the first of the year, but when I do, I’m gonna have a KILLER garden! Already have AK-47, Blueberry, Sour Diesel (Patriot mixpack) and some White Widow autos ready to go. 2018 is going to be a VERY good year!!


I certainly hope you’re going to do a grow journal? Love to follow along that one! I’m thinking a 12x12 tent should be big enough to squeeze them all in! hahahah @kushpa


Oh yeah, definitely a journal. I’ve got a 2x4 tent, probably put 4 plants in there, Skywalker, Banana, AK, and SourD. And I’ve got 2 solo chambers made from big trash cans, so I’ll put a Widow in one and Blueberry in the other. The Widow will harvest early, and I’ll do a short veg on the BB, so I’ll have plenty to keep me supplied while I take my time with the others, topping, maybe a little supercrop, get a nice, full tent.

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Interesting to see more of the trendy west coast strains. I’d love to know where specifically their fire og originated. That was my first serious strain I grew. I never got a big yeild out of them; but I was extremely new too. But it did have an amazing buzz. Would go from a case of the giggles to straight on your behind lol. Others reported quite a few duds though. Was eventually replaced in my room with c99.


Ordered my skywalker today can’t wait :blush:


The Blackberry Kush sounds very intriguing. Hmmmmm.


A friend of mine has been growing humbolts black dog, a crossbreed of the original blackberry. It’s pretty damn good!