LST Types. Which one?

So I see two types of LST that I’m considering on YouTube.

  1. The main stem is pulled down and secured to the side of the pot by the wire. The main stem is held straight approximately 4 “ high by support line to side. Then pulled down to the other side.

  2. The branches off the main stem are pulled down all around the circumference of the plant with wire.

Also should I trim some?

These Strawberry Pie Autoflowers are very leafy. They are at 5 inches high at the moment and growing. Day 23.


Your plants look great!

When they are that size I usually wait till taller before tying them down but some do it at that size really isn’t a best way just your way.
That small I would tend to use small garden stakes at first and then when bigger use safety pins and coated garden wire.
This one was up potted from a 1 gallon into a seven and hadn’t done any training at all nor defoliating until after transplant.
When they are in veg they will remain fairly pliable.
If it were me I wouldn’t remove anything from the plant yet.

Hope this helps


Extremely Helpful!! Thank you. One question: Is this an auto flower?

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No it’s a regular seed
I would do the same with Autoflowers just earlier

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