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Usually smell is an indication of potency, this is why most plants don’t smell much at all growing and are not good smoke before growing the smelly flowers. Blueberry is kinda camouflaged in its smell, it really smells like a berry fruity smell. Other fruity smelling strains might be an option, pineapple haze, lemon haze, or purple haze, but they can still have a bit of that skunky familiar smell mixed in too. Blueberry maybe has the least determinable skunk under the very berry fruitiness, and purple haze is sometimes compared to the smell of a fruiting grape vine or vineyard. Other that this, I’m not very familiar with any low or almost no smell/odor type strains, maybe someone else can chime in on this question as well.

I just started growing my very first plants 2 weeks ago and low odor was a big concern to me as well.Before I ordered my seeds I did quite a bit of searching and the 2 strains that always came up were Northern Lights and Blue Mystic.
My Northern Lights are 2 weeks old now and I don’t smell anything out of the ordinary.Can’t wait to try Blue Mystic next.

Wait until flower, they will both have a much more noticeable smell in the prime of flowering.

I still have a lot to learn on cannabis and one thing I’ve wondered about is the smell,can you describe it for me?
One I was thinking of growing for a friend is super silver haze for her bi-polar disorder but I read that it has a strong odor to it.Since I don’t have any venting in my spare bedroom/grow room I thought I better hold off on growing that,just how stinky would SSH get in the flowering phase?

@comfortablynumb - Northern Lights does not smell THAT strong - even when flowering - it dissipates quickly. If you go around a compost pile or into the woods with around a lot of dead fall - that’s kind of the smell - nothing like a full dumpster on a hot sunny day if that helps. It has the earthy smell that can be covered easily by Febreze Noticeable and a fan. It will start flowering/smelling around 3 to 4 weeks depending on growing environment. Auto’s are great IMO - but it can be surprising when the ‘smell’ starts up.

In the last week and a half I’ve noticed a smell that can be best described as being slightly skunky but it’s not objectionable really.My plants are no where near the flowering stage,right now they’re only 4-6 inches tall but the leaves are coming along nicely.