Low Humidity Issue from humidifier

I am pretty certain I made a mistake, my basement carries high humidity, so I invested in a dehumidifier. I was under the impression that 35% was good at this stage. So, I put the dehumidifier in the tent and set to 35%. The first thing I noticed in a few days was rust spots on tips that progressed to mid leaf on a few of them, then noticed the buds aroma was not a strong. Today, paper like feel to leaves and some curling, also trichomes on leaves have dried up, but sugar leaves and buds seem to be ok.

I corrected this today, I would estimate I have about two weeks left, and was wondering if this will correct itself or have I done permanent damage?

35% is a little dry. 45-55% is fine for flower.


Thank you, I fixed the issue and moisture is returning, do I need to fix the phosphorous deficiency or will it resolve now that the humidity has been corrected?

What is the temperature during lights on? VPN relies on both temperature and humidity. If your temperature is 80 degrees you need to shoot for 55% humidity. Higher temperatures allow for higher humidity. Sometimes it’s easier to raise the temperature then lower the humidity.

My guess is your humidity is way too low, 35% would be suitable for temperatures around 70 degrees.



The temperature is usually in the 76 - 80 range. First time with a dehumidifier, trying to do to much and it’s gonna cost me I imagine. . . Some of the leaves have turned hard, and you can see where the trichomes once were. The bud seems to be ok, although the smell is now not as strong.

Is there anything I can do, or should do at this point? I really appreciate you taking the time to help.

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