Looking for suggestions on lights

I need a light that will sprout my seedlings but will also get me through the first month or so of growth, what do you all recommend?

Any light that is offered in a white light. Hlg lights are great, some of the spiderfarmer lights seem to be okay. Not as efficient as hlg.
Hlg120 are great.
For seed to flower look at the 260W version. That comes in a couple different sizes. You didn’t mention the tent size you were in. @Eagergrower


These are my favorite lights - I use them all at some points when needed.

My main grow tent 10x10 has 4 KIND K5 LED 1000 WATT lights. You MUST have 1000 watts for every 4x4 area - or don’t bother with the time and expense. They work from seedlings all the way to the harvest and has both UV spectrums, built-in timers and sunrise/sunset modes (lighting turns on slowly and off just like sunrise and sunset), and light percentage 0-100%. I use 15% for seedlings after they are out of the sprouting/germination hood I use. I would recommend this light for a first-time grower (it’s expensive but the yield is amazing). The light also comes with a remote control. My entire grow is hooked into Alexa (im a programmer so I can create my own skills as long as they have an API. “Alexa, what is the humidity in grow room one?” also you can create alarm skills that will announce. “Lights are not on in grow room one” etc. (anyone else into this can contact me). The KIND light, if you can spare the expense, is my favorite so far but there are a few I would “recommend”.

Here is some info on the K5:

Here’s a link to a video about the KIND K5 1000 WATT light. I really recommend watching it!

I’m thinking of buying and testing some Fluence lights. I’ve heard great things from friends with large grows about these lights - again expensive. (VIPR OR SPYDR2 I’m still trying to decide which one to test but I’m leaning towards the SPYDER2)

I have had good results with a smaller light the Black Dog 450 Watt LED. A very expensive light that works well but I just think that for what you pay for the 450 you can get a 1000 watt at almost equal quality.

The KIND light for me takes me from seedlings until I harvest. I also have the most experience with these lights and programming them.

Hope I helped you!

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It’s only a 2x3 area. I will look into the prices on those!
Also, if I use led lights to grow seedlings, does it matter If i use a HID to veg and flower ?

Might I offer up my two cents. I ultimately have settled with a Mars Hydro TSL 2000, for my 4x4. You could use that or they make a TSL1000 model that should do that size you’re in. Prices are 140. - 260. Solid lights solid fat tight buds. Some early harvest. :wink:


Just use cheap fluorescents that you can buy at home depot (T8’s) - You can buy a 4 light or 8 light ballast and lights for around $100 more or less. HIDS is such a waste of money due to the heat as well as the power it consumes. My 1000 watt HPS was $35 per month. My 1000 watt KIND is around 12$ per month per light.

You will pay for it one way or the other. You may as well get the equipment that’s been used and tested so you don’t end up with a fire or just a plain crappy lighting spectrum.

I 2nd the marshydro ts1000 $129. I use two and my buds are super dense. I have friend using hlg and they think they are very comparable .


I use a 4 bulb T5 fluorescent shop light with some 6500k bulbs .gets me right through seedling to the first month of veg .

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My Rapid LED fixture only puts out 817W but I only have it turned up to about 500W @vtstrongbudguy I disagree with you.
I grew these:


I use cheap cfl bulbs in a 4000k or higher spectrum to sprout and get me into the first few nodes. Usually 2-3 weeks. Then I bring out the big guns.

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what do u guys think about these lights LEDzx 630w Commercial LED Fixture | Nanolux anyone has experience with them

@vtstrongbudguy if you put the spyder2i against one of those kind lights you’d never look back (except for the connectivity).

Also, I’m not sure If you’ve seen plc lightstrips. You can diy an even better efficacy light than than fluence for half the price.


I’m in the process of taking a huge LED bulb apart kinda the size of a photocell bulb. I want to see what all I can do with it I’m sure it would be better then the three cfls I have lol

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For me maintaining multiple grow rooms, I’ve found it much easier if I have a problem. If I have an outage the company will replace it with a light while they fix mine (overnight). I’ve had it happen to me which is why I use specific vendors and 3x an 5x watt LED bulbs plus all UV spectrums. This is a great article that explains PAR’s and lighting. I think what you’re growing looks great. I also think it would be even better using different lights. It’s okay if it’s a hobby to DIY things, but after 25 years I’ve learned certain things are best left to lights specifically made for growing cannabis and a reputable company with all testing done so I know the spectrum and PAR’s are correct. I love this stuff and love the discussion. Please don’t ever take how I write as being rude. I just. write this way :slight_smile:

I love passing along knowledge to all new growers and still am constantly learning from others as well!

@Drinkslinger I got a deal I couldn’t pass up when I switched to LED - it was between the Fluence (at the time sorta new) and the KIND light (which had a much larger following and good reviews). I love the light bars for the sides as well I. think both companies have them. The more light the better. I also use a DWC hydro system and keep daily logs (usually check twice but just log once) of my PH, PPM, Humidity etc… I always do things at the same time each day. (Don’t really know if it matters much but it’s how I was taught). I’m a big fan of DIY but for new growers I feel the last thing they should worry about is how to put together the most important and intricate part of their grow, the lights. I really like the new Fluence and I think in my next 10x10 tent I will I’ll try em out!

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I really want to get the Spyder2X or I. (I forget at the moment LOL) I just need to find some more room. If I do any more here my wife will kill me. :slight_smile:

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Like @Covertgrower I went down the high efficacy LED route and built 3 fixtures to replace my (nine!) blurple lights in a 4 X 6 space. I went from; 1,340 plug watts of China lights to a peak of 720 between all three fixtures and have yet to run higher than around 600 watts. So; less than half my previous utility bill and the last 3 plant grow delivered just shy of 2 pounds of flower. Running roughly 25 watts/square foot with a rate of 1.25 grams per watt.

Do not cheap out on lights. Do your research. THE most highly regarded LED’s produced are from HLG.

Let's talk DIY lights - #7096 by dbrn32


I got the new spyder 2p and ray44s. They are amazing. The dispensary’s here use them they have 30 20ps and 100 rays. It’s a nice light.

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Over priced. Tbh