Looking for a post - Hydro automation with Home Assistant

I am sure it was on this forum that I came across a post from a guy - LED Farmer (youtube handle) going over his automation for Hydro. Awesome videos on Youtube but cannot seem to find where he shared most of his info. Anyone recall a post like that on ILGM?


Sorry Sam I don’t come on much but what you doing with home assistant?


Ledgardener dot com

thanks. not too much so far. i need to move all my devices from ST and HT. ST is killing their product and i just never really got into HT. i did find ledgardner but never found where he listed his parts list or templates for HA. right now i just have a Xiaomi BT plant monitor in it for a dirt plant i have. i bought a peristaltic pump and some other components to work on dosing. need to get back to it

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I have an entire thread where I build an auto doser from those pumps and program it.

Node red is a great add on for home assistant