Looked like a little bit of powder, leaves wilted a bit.first inside grow

Attaching a few pics.
Opened up tent this morning. Looked like a bit of white powder. Wiped with damp cloth in parts I could see.
But after drying they looked kinda the same.
Also leaves wilted a lot. I did move fan. To lower level as bottom of air pot seemed overly moist.
Was there for about 3-4 days.
Raised that fan back to blow on tops of plants.
Sohum soil no nutes. Its really on one plant or effected. Which was closer to fan when blowibg on base of pots.
Also looked like a few leaves got some bites on them.
Watered today as its the day for it.( hope wilting was from fan) low water.
30 days into flower wiakki queen so have about another 60 days.

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i think it’s wind spanked !
reposition fan every hour or so…just like the wind outside.

Your plants look awesome. I can’t see the white powder. The stuff in the middle picture are the bud frost which are trichomes and what you want (that’s not what you are referring to right?)

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@Sixpackdad yea over night some of the leafs got white stuff on them and thinking same thing! Plants bounched back.nicely!! Still have 2 months of flowering. As the girls are wiakki queen 11-12 week of flowering.

Gonna ask on form but thinking ya might know.
We have a refinance guy coming to house today. Lol they want to “inspect” which never heard of, but will have to take down tent!!
Only for 10-20 min he would be here.
So thinking can take plants put in back of work van(has windows) then bring them in after he’s gone and set back up. Will be light cycle so hoping wont stress them to much. Outsides like 45-50 degree. So for like 2 hours without the lights on them and hour in cold. Any thoughts.

They should be fine… :wink:

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What I was thinking. But they looking sooooo good .hate to stress these girls out.
But really have no choice. Sucks never had a refi guy actually come look at property

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Can’t you just camoflage your tent? It’s not like they’re your landlords or anything, right? You are the homeowner, correct?

If they ask, it’s a wardrobe. :grinning:

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Yea… But rather move them take it down. Not legal here in fact it’s10 yesr mandatory. Considered manufacturing of illegal substance.lmao
Rather be safe then sorry.
Freaking sucks but…

Good luck on your inspection!

Ha thanks @blackthumbbetty

get them in the van man… treat all officials as narcs in the herb growing game…can you run a power source and put an electric heater in your van ? …you can always explain that you are charging the battery…or leave the engine running with your heater on…:mage:

Good Luck you Green Emperor !

@James68 lmao! My thoughts exactly! Even tho growing for private use should be legal I’m not the one to fight it !
In van kept truck running for two hours. Let windows fog up .good to go.
Pain in ass tho!! Had it all scrogged, so put girls back in and figured will mess with them in day or two , so they won’t get to pissed!! Nothing worse then girls being pissed at ya!!

tell em’ that they are going on a secret adventure in your van…they are very easily confused :roll_eyes:

Haha. Well when lights go on this morning will see how pissed they are.
What a freaking pain in ass!! Untieing them and getting net off!!

Glad I wasn’t growing outside as guy walked all 10 acres. So feel lucky had them inside, as could hide em. Outside I would of been screwed. Walked by where i did my outside grows and guy was like " strange place to have a garden" as dirt was still all turned. Said we grow our “out door plants and seedlings there for our garden.”
Over and done no foul no harm I guesd

one for your memoirs…:santa:


@James68 you may know this
I use sohum so now buds are here been giving girls sucanat with 2ater about every 3rd watering. Thought I hward or read somewhere that adding citrus will help em take in the added sugar or carbs. Any input.