Look at this clone… male or female?

This is a clone I got from a local source. Is it male? Or hermi?

Also, can anyone decipher what this tag says/means?

Need a better pic. Can’t really tell…

Is this better?

@Jungle Yup that is male flowers. No question at all. :pensive:


Male…got those hangers from the ball hitch even.

Cant say its not a herm…there’s 2 sacs tho that I can say fo-sho.

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Was this a clone that was given or a test of another plant to sex it? I wouldn’t see someone cloning a male without a reason. I am just wondering.

This was one of three clones I received as part of a complicated transaction … it was represented as a female clone (the other plants are female).

I suspect it’s a female clone that hermi’d, because there’s no reason why it’d be anything else (it wasn’t sold as male, so you’d expect it was female).

Glad I noticed :slight_smile:

Oh ok yeah that one definitely decided to grow a pair and let them hang out. Sorry it happened to you.

Total gamble with very bad odds 75-85% chance it’ll herm again even if it was heavily stressed to get where its at right now. You could clip em and try to grow it in as perfect of conditions as you know, but keep expectations in the 15% it wont make it without throwing again. You said you received others (from same mother?) and they are not showing same? Personally, I’d move on to something trusted. And Yes , sorry ya got hornswoggled.


I and another both got clones of the same plant. He tells he his has balls too. No idea wtf, but if anyone has a lead on Jungle Mint clones…

We also got clones of other plants as part of the same transaction. It’s a drag, but not a huge financial hit.


Definitely a “drag queen” in this case. :joy:


Kill it

It’s dead. Sprayed with water, carefully enclosed in a trash bag, trash bag carefully removed from the house and placed in the trash.

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Sounds like a male plant that the clones were cut from before being properly sexed. :thinking:


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Yea, that’s possible. But it’s also possible that the particular strain (Treestar Seeds / Seed Junky Seeds, Jungle Mints (Wifi 43 X Kush Mints)) might be particularly prone to hermaphroditism?

Seeds are available for this strain … but my are they expensive.

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Aaahhhh. Gotcha. :+1: