Long flower period

Thanks; that is the type of answer I been looking for. I guess I just didnt ask the right questions. I do and have tested the lower buds almost all the plants are milky/ cloudy and I kept being told wait for the amber trichomes. I have worked to hard spent too much $$ to make a mistake at this point and getting nervous about the right harvest point

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You can still look at the buds where the fox tail pistils arnt in your microscope view.
When I harvest the bud I trim them off with my trimmers.

Many variables change how fast tricombs mature so no one can really give you an accurate answer.

Hope that answers your questions, if not tag me and ask me anything I should have the answer if not I’d love to learn something new lol


Thanks this part of harvest is new to me and this is my 1st indoor grow. I have maybe 5 different strains and started some with 4 weeks longer veg stage. My 1st 2 generations were gorilla grows outside in TN. Not being a smoker for 30+ years this more technical way of growing seem awesome but is new to me. I have a few family members who have shunned my grow because I am just a old farmer who grows food for the wildlife on my 2600 acre farm. Have had a good green thumb but have failed to give attention to detail on my prior harvest and was mediocre to say the least. Want the best possible harvest I can get.
I pulled two more plants yesterday and will pull 3 more today. I believe they are at near end.
My question if it is out there is what do the amber trichomes do if left I see areas in view that was milky/cloudy tri’s a few amber then just spots that looked like it use to be tris and now just a spec looking through the scope.
I am gambling that these plants have reached or maybe went past a premium harvest time, as far as amounts of amber Tri’s. visible.

Trichome pics to follow up tonight

Tricombs degrade that’s why they go Amber, but the Amber turns thc into cbn which gives you a couch lock /indica feel that’s why we say like mostly cloudy for sativas and 20-30% Amber for indicas.

After they fully degree they snap off.
Go check Google it may show you good examples


@Nicky I have looked at lower flowers
I have a thought to throw out I noticed the trichome bulbous on the bud is hair like not lolypop
May have missed the amber last week while on the road
Harvested 14 plants yesterday anyway most I could find some amber tri’s

May have been, I’m sure it will still be fine. Live and learn right!