Lollypop drooping

I’ve been lollypopping. My plants droop. I wonder if the fan leaves, that are lower and in the shade, actually store water that helps the plant. I’ve been trimming those thinking they are using resources the upper plant wants. Now I think they are in the shade so not in production. Therefore, they store water that supplies the plants capillary action. Capillary action is how the plant gets food.

Drooping can be a sign of a multitude of things, generally stress. Do you have any pictures?

They will also Droop right before bed.

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Leaves make resources, they do not take resources.
Search for "What do leaves do?

We tend to think of lower leaves as “Shaded”, but if you can see a leaf then it is getting at least some light and producing complex sugars the plant will use. Even if not to the same degree. The only energy source is the light. So while some defoliation can be helpful, too much can be detrimental. Every university farm study ever done on defoliation shows that there is a point at which it harms the plants production. In no case does it ever increase production. In the tent we do it to prevent conditions that cause mold.


Yes, They droop before bed. My research is about the capillary action that feeds the plant. The roots support it. The foliage consumes it. The balance is what I’m looking at.
Yes, there are many reasons for droop. That’s what I’m trying to identify. The plant looks healthy as any at 60 days.
Currently, I’m giving it 3- half hour dark breaks during light. 6hrs dark. Light adjustments from 550 to 650 par don’t seem to have an effect. 9/3 lite sked snapped it out last time. Caused late bloom in next plant.

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Thank you. Of course, the question is how much is too much? I just harvested today. 4 branch topped, experiment. Extensive lollipop at 30 days. I entered bud of the month. Shows the measurement.