Living soil, I know you people are here so chime in!

I could see if you were using a nutrient solution you could build up some stuff but I went water only and did not do it for runoff

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Film of algae or salts?

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Of algae. And yeah could definitely see if you were using nutes how things could gunk up.

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Ah crap will have to watch that! I have 4 but only use 3 so I’ll check in a few weeks. The plants seem to thrive and soak up the water quite fast . Half a gallon only last 2 days

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Since I added them last week, mine seem to love it as well!

I’m only on day 35 and 42 from sprout in 3 gals, and they are going on day 5 since filled. I watered them in first then filled the bases. Going to let the bases dry,then give the plants a a couple days, then gube them a tea or top dressing watered in. Then fill the bases back up. We shall see how it goes.

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ok i’ll try again. the pictures are shots of 2 plants. am going to trim a little of the fan leaves that are shading some of the secondary shoots and the bottom ones that aren’t doing any good.

Autos or photos?

The girls before lights come on

Nighttime 65 F
Daytime 75-79 F


I think autos or feminized. don’t know what photos are. have to learn all the lingo and meanings to some of the words used in this forum.

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It’s how they flower, autos will automatically flower- photos you have to change hours of light the plant gets to make them flower

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Feminized plants are photos. If the lights are kept at 18 on 6 off they will never go into flowering. You could potentially keep a photo/feminized plant for years without it flowering.

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Feminized is how the seed is created.

Auto / photo is how they flower

Feminized seeds are created by using female pollen on a female plant. This process created feminized seeds. It’s best to use regular seeds. Take the best two plants and use them to cross with.

Silver colloidal is usually used to revert a female plant to create male parts and push feminized pollen. This pollen is then used to pollenate another female plant to produce feminized seeds.

Auto flower plants carry a ruderalis gene allowing it to flower automatically no matter the light schedule

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good to know, so the feminized are photos? cause i’m getting ready to go 12 and 12 on light.

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Photoperiod (photos) depend if they do or do not carry the ruderalis gene or not.

If they do not carry the gene you need to change light to 12/12 to force them into flower

If they do carry the gene they will automatically go into flower. It’s where they get the name Autoflower

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Day 74 from sprout, hope they all get purple pheno but I’ll take more like the middle

The runt

The one I did nothing to

The one I defoliated some lower growth from


Sorta looks like the durbsn i just chopped


thats very interesting. thank you.

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Heck yeah man!!! That’s awesome sauce right there @PharmerBob