Lights and Auto's?

I have heard over and over that Lights aren’t important to Auto’s so does that mean they can actually grow with no light after they have sprouted and are vegging?

Auto flowering seeds or Auto’s, means the light schedule doesn’t matter to trigger flowering cycle, but all chlorophyll filled plants need light for functioning and growth. The more light, the bigger/dense buds are. Essentially, it has a bioclock built in to tell it to flower when it’s time.

Photo sensitive or normal seeds require more darkness to simulate winter is coming and it triggers it’s reproductive cycle (flowering)


Question #2.I have 2 auto’s growing inside with a 1 gallon reservoir about 1 week into flower. Could I take plants leave them in reservoir of course and take them outside during the day for some real sunshine without harming them? Bring them back in at night…

Yes but do it slowly so they can get used to it or they will go into shock.
Give them 30 min first then an hour or so then a few hours and so on, You need to do it slowly to them so they get used to real sun light with out burning to a crisp.
I don’t like to take plants from a grow area or indoor garden because of the chance of bringing bugs or other bad stuff back in to my indoor area.
I even change clothes if I have been working in the out side garden and I am going to my indoor garden area.

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As @Iva said, it’s recommend to not expose intense lighting to plants that are undeveloped to it; you’ll sun bleach the leaves. Controlled exposure is recommended. With that said, no MH, LED, or HPS compares to natural sunlight.


You have to be real careful when you take a reservoir outside. The temperature in the res’ can spike too quickly. If this happens; the roots are done. The plant is done.

If you ever want to try DWC outdoors; You must light tight that reservoir and keep it cool. I can keep my reservoir temps down in range (below70f), just by keeping my 1000l/300g reservoir covered in the shade behind the greenhouse. Point is. It takes a lot of cool water to allow you to grow plants in a reservoir outdoors. Happy growing.

I love this question. You are right. This plant will survive and grow in as little light as is provided. However; It won’t grow very big without more light and longer photo periods.

Cool question. Cool answers. later. lw :slight_smile:


I have 5 week old autos what I grew from seed.I’m a 100% beginner and I’ve been told that a 18-6 light cycle is the best.Is this right? Also can I grow autos and normal plants in the same tent? And lastly what age do I start feeding my autos nuturements? Thank you to anyone who can help. I’m new to this site and I hope I’ve asked my question in the right place…

I just. anwered your question in another thread. That you had posted

B Safe.

How do you up load photos…I’d like to show you my plants as they are not looking to healthy

When you hit the reply button just above the dialog box you will see some symbols click the one with the arrow pointing up.

Here are some pics of my autos and normal plants can someone please tell everyone what they thino are up with them?

Nute burn one more then the other
Just alittle to much to soon but they will get over it its not too bad.
You could flush it out with some ph’ed water at around 6 or so.
12-20 L per pot will do it and don’t feed until they ask by the green fading off
on the leaves.
What is the soil you are using?
What are you feeding ?
what is PPM and PH if you have a meter one or two of these
how often do you feed or and water.
Temps of the grow area.
These will help the soil experts help you I am not one of these ppl.
But I am slowly building a pet hate for slow release fertilizer in prepackaged soils.
Read the grow guild from this site it very good and every one can learn from it newbie to pro.
You can fill a ticket out and post it here.
I stole this off one of latewoods posts (Dope Super Guru)

COPY/PASTE: This “Support Ticket” into your forum post.
Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you smile