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PS I hope your wife is doing much better now…I am somewhat of a mess as they’ve had me on so many different drugs for various conditions. I have decided its time for me to turn to Marijuana for various chronic illnesses.

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She still has pain issues, but long term effects of being on heavy doses of oxycontin will probably effect her the rest of her life. The marijuana helps her cope with Everything.

So which of these do you suggest for small (3-4) plant grow?

I ask you, how is that 2000watt light possible at $300 bucks? LED lights should be around 1 dollar a watt as far as I understand it. The best advice I can give is to read as many reviews as possible. Maybe watch some review videos too. Research about lighting will pay for itself immediately.
The question you may wish to pose is… if I had 400 bucks to spend on a light, how should I spend it given my environmental situation? Hit up the lighting gurus here on this site.

That’s excellent! Glad you took the time to do some research. Sometimes venders will take the time to go into detail about their products because they actually have a good product and are willing to explain why. Fluence Engineering is a great place to start. When you are done watching and reading their info you can move one to other videos like the sphere tests. From there, you can go onto environmental research and see how you can possibly incorporate that into your situation. Just because you cant afford the latest technology doesnt mean there isn’t a cheaper way. After all, people have been successfully harvesting huge crops with street lights and used air conditioners for years!

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