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Hello fellow farmers…after much frustrations and many headaches ordering all sorts of equipment and soil I finally decided to give germination a shot…I’ll be starting out with Rapid Rooter seed starters…they will be seated in a medium consisting of Coco-loco coconut coir potting mix along with an even blend of mother earth coco+perlite with amendments …with all that being said I have no idea what to do in regards to my lighting situation…as far as how close it needs to be to the soil and what’s the proper wattage for germination…I’m trying to maintain 60% humidity and about 72 degrees Fahrenheit…which I heard are the ideal situation for germination…I’m also using a 2x4x6 grow tent…believe I need lots of help with my lighting…I purchased a HLG 350R led fixture which has a variable wattage control knob to set the wattage and I also have a Watt monitor thing ma jig …any and all help will be appreciated to get me on the right path for a good grow…thanks in advance


Ok u should have ur light about 18 inches above ur pot when in seedling stage and u want it on 20-40 % as ur plant grows you move ur light up


Thanks for the good advice but there’s just one part I don’t understand as far as to 20-40% all I would understand at this point is wattage only because I can monitor it…

Ok on ur light u have a dial it should have numbers it should be 20% 50% 100% yah

U should have this on ur dial or something similar

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Dial it to left as far as possible then go up, it should dial you down to high 100’s- low 200’s


Ok on ur dial u want to be about here

At the 40

It would help if u can take a pic of ur dial to show me

It has no indicators or numbers so I have Watt monitor…

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Aha ok now this will make it easier turn ur dial until you see 50watts it doesnt matter if u go 55 watts

Gonna post a seed sarting in peat pod. I do them all like this. I go right in pod with bean not soaked…straight in pot. Bean sideways. This is 2 days. 2 pics when put in. 2 on 2nd day. This is what works for me.

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Ok that’s all I need is 50 watts…???

Oh and at this point is it necessary to monitor the Ph for the watering…???

You have to excuse all the questions but I’ve already started 3 pots in a 2x4 tent and now I’m hearing that 3 may be too much for a tent size like mine…do you have any suggestions…???

You can make 3 work in 3x3 if pots not too big. I have. I grow auto as fillin and that is tent i use. Good light. Train up instead of out. Top early…auto. keepem open at base with good airflow. Auto so no overprune. Just what has worked for me. 200 true watts led better than a 100 by a lot. Better to have too much and dim than not enough.

Thanks :blush:

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MAke sure you have ir water ph 6.5

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So far ur goin good keep it up do u have a humidifier if u so put it on cause seedlings and seeds need it to grow and with seedlings u want ur humidity around 60-80% thats wat i do

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I do if needed. My other 2 tents sit in an enclosed area. Not the airflow i run in big 1. 1 i auto and keep a mother in. 1 i clone/germ in. Rh in there is around 60 always. With airflow i like and area i gave up in big guy. It will rise to 60-65 lights off with sweating. They do very well but require daily water in moderation. Thanks for input. Always helps. Took a year or so in big tent to figure the watering without a humidifier. Maybe 4 harvest. Ibdo a lot of clones so i can play all i want…:slight_smile:

Soil by the way.