Light question. QB v2 550 rspec

First grow in 28 years. Have QB v2 550 rsppec. Plants are 3-4 weeks in flower GGA with 2 photo period of unknown origin. Currently on 12-12. I would like to know what distance and wattage I should be running. Currently at 430 watts at the plug. Lights are at 18-24 inches above plants. Appreciate and recommendations. Will attach pics when I figure that out. Plants are just kicking ass.

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Great choice in lighting. :metal:
How big is your tent/grow area?

I’d turn it all the way up. Distance sounds about right. If you hold the back of your hand right at the top part of the plant, does it feel uncomfortable?

Pics will help.

Filling out a support ticket will give us the fundamentals of your grow so we can give our best advice.

Tent is 48x48x72. Did research here on lights. Tried a grow with 150 watt hps and cfl’s in a homemade cabinet spent about 200.00 drowned and fried 10 GGA one survived and is very stunted but beautiful stinky plant. Went all in second try ($1300.00). Well worth it. Maybe use the old cabinet to cold smoke some salmon or pork chops. Will find use for it.


At 16 in its warm on the back of your hand. Can place hand on heat sink it’s gets pretty warm not real hot at 430 watts. Going to go down and crank it up. Will send in a support ticket as I know I’ll have some questions. Have found solutions reading through various posts. Keeping it simple seams to provide good results so far. This is a picture of my sole survivor of my 1st attempt. Just took pic. Very stunted but beautiful plant.

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Like 24" at full power should be pretty good. I believe that’s about what hlg recommends too.

I always wait til transition is about complete to hit plants hard though. So depending on what you have and are looking for in stretch, maybe tweak power levels a little there.


Thanks dbrn32 for the reply. That’s what I have done just got to 460 watts. The plants are 3-4 weeks in flower. Growth has slowed. Also thanks your posts about lighting helped me decide to get the QB. Really happy with it.



Your baby girls look happy and content. I run 2 kits of 260xl rspec for my 4x4 tent.

@Levonthedirtfarmer that’s a chunk of change but lights are all the difference as you’ve found out. Looking awesome man it’s an investment but it will pay off.

Thanks Dank. Paid 570.00 for the light and about another 600.00 for ph pen tds ducts seeds neuts seeds etc. Think that’s not bad if I can finish successfully. Easily pay for its self in one grow. Medical grade is not available here and good grade cannabis is between 300 to 400 a ounce. (Wife is cancer chemo survivor I grow just for our medical use).


Very valiant reasons. You’ll find starting out with the quality equipment is alot of the battle.