Light Options for Newbie Operation

I know there are many opinions out there. I’m happy for that and am curious on everyone’s thoughts. What is everyone’s LED light choice for a 1-4 plant vegetation closet? And what are everyone’s LED light choice for a 1-4 plant flowering closet? Please list your top 3 choices and list why if you have the time. Thanks, and I love you all! (The closet will hold 4 plants at most comfortably, nothing more.)

What size is your closet? And what is your budget? You can easily get a light to do both veg and flower, there are many that do it. I would definitely look in to COBs, Quantum Boards, or if you are a DIY person, making a LED strip build can be a nice option. Some of these can be fairly cheap and will last a long time.
I am currently using the Quantum Boards as well as a couple other members here and love them.

I just ordered a Quantum Board from Growerslights for my tent. I don’t have it yet, but I’ve heard good things, and I’m looking forward to it!


Good for you! You’re gonna love that QB, I love mine.

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Horticulture Lighting Group has some good options. So does RapidLED.
You need around 50 real watts per square foot for flower. At least 25 watts per square foot for veg. If you get very efficient lights you can use less power. 5000 K color temp for your veg tent, 2700 K color temp for the flower temp. Be wary of amazon vendors who lie about their lamps wattage.

If you are handy with electricity and want to build your own, @dbrn32 can help you. If you are interested, there is enough info to choke a horse on the Let’s Talk About DIY Lights thread.


Out of likes, but I agree you’ll be happy with the qb.

Assuming you’re in Illinois, where about? We may be close.

St Louis area, southern Illinois.

And thanks everyone. I have two little closets, about 3x3 or 4x4. I’m a minimalist at heart, but will pay extra for efficiency. I will never by the most expensive anything with all the bells and whistles, but i never buy cheap stuff either. I’m a middle of the road guy, but don’t mind dropping another hundred or two if it gets me 20% more growth or 20% less energy used. Or, something of that nature.

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Gotcha, I’m closer to Chicago. In terms of par per watt the qb’s are double what a lot of the other led fixtures are.

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