Light leaks in the tent

  1. If I’m standing inside the tent with the lights off, will I see all the light leaks that could affect my plants during flower? (Mostly pinholes that I duct taped over on the outside. A few spots on the end of the zippers to figure out.)
  2. The rectangular vents on the bottom have a dark screen underneath. Is that screen enough to keep light from being an issue during flower?

Duct Tape; Ooops! you did mention that. :slight_smile:

No screen will keep an area light tight. Just fabricate a way to block it up. Duct Tape, Zip ties, whatever it takes. lw

This made me laugh. I know it is a serious issue. When you said duct tape and zip ties. My first thought was when I got my first set of wheels. 56 ford F100, my dads mechanic gave me a roll of electrical tape and some bailing wire. He told me that it could save my life.

Duct tape, electrical tape, zip ties, and bailing wire – any MacGyver type’s best friends. :wink:

I’m a primate which means I can use tools. I’m an engineer, so I can make tools out of anything.