Light burn? Please advise

This light burn? Ive moved the lights 8 inches away now, wait a week to see response? (Doing it right yea?)

Hi mate,
What type of light? How many watts? 8 inch sounds pretty close for a seedling unless you are using compact fluorescent, or super low watt LED.

Also is your medium a soil/coco mix? As I can’t see any perlite, pumice, or alike so you will most probably run into some issues with drainage.


I don’t see any light burn, but would also like to know what you are using for light?

Good morning N00B, I’m with @Litlab and @dbrn32 on the lights and perlite. Medium looks super dry. If you’re using a 600 watt and above I would set my lite at around 30” and move it down as she grows. If you notice early stretching and a lanky stem, lower the light. You’re definitely in the right type of pot. If you’re growing in coco plus the fabric pot makes a great duo for watering/feeding. Coco loves water but definitely need something to help with drainage and a fan down low to circulate air under your canopy when that time comes.

Soil and coco.mix. Its a fabric pot. 150 W light total distance is 20 inches away from canopy

150 W Led full spectrum. 20 inche from canopy. Using x3 of those lights for a 3x3 grow room. Did u zoom on the new growth? Its all wrapped up

I have a 300w and I started my seedlings with it dimmed 50% to about 150w but 60cm from canopy until the plants had 5-6 nodes then I lowered down to 45cm for veg.

I also freaked out about some poorly formed first true leaves but its pretty normal from what I have read and it quickly sorted its self out.

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20" from plant with most 150 watt light should be fine. You’re not running all 3 of them now are you? That could cause issue, or maybe something with extremely high efficacy would want to dim or run a little further. But I can’t know without a make and model. I would expect that to be more in line with vpd issue or mechanical damage otherwise.

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running all 3, in a 3x3 set up

That is likely more light than you need right now